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Saturday, September 11, 2010

11th Hour Preacher Party: News Cycle Edition

It's the ninth anniversary of 9/11, and the topic in the news all week has been the proposed action of a Florida pastor, to burn the holy book of another faith. I'm typing this on Friday night and can't count the number of times the story has been repeated or changed just in the past 36 hours. Friends are wondering if they missed the memo about holding interfaith 9/11 memorial services, while others are probably planning to participate in them. MSNBC will be running the video from 9/11 in "real time," all day. Gruesome? Respectful? Cathartic? Sensationalist?

Does any of this impact your plans for preaching this weekend?

We'll be here all day and most likely into the night, working out our thoughts and trying to respond to the leading of the Spirit. I'll keep the coffee on until it's time for Diet Pepsi (yes, that's what we have at home this weekend). I hope you'll stop by via the comments and share what your day looks like, share ideas for Children's words or approaches to the texts for preaching, and offer encouragement to one another.


  1. Luke 15:1-10 is the passage from which I'll be preaching. In a commentary I read (I can't remember which one right now), it was noted that finding the lost one was not just about finding the lost one but also about re-uniting/re-establishing the whole. It matters that all of them are together not just that the one is found. That's the direction I'm taking.

    I have an all day thing so I'll see you late tomorrow night. RevNightOwls unite!

  2. Hi Martha. Great questions. I missed the memo about 9/11 memorial services :), so we're not doing one, but I will take note of the anniversary in my sermons. It's Rally Sunday here, and I'll see many people for the first time since summer began, so there will be Rejoicing in heaven. I'm working on the question of How do you know you are lost?

    I have a sermnon, but I know it will need to be tweaked. so, I'll be back. Also, I have a LOT of other details to make sure about.

    Will be introducing the interim tomorrow at church. he starts in the office on Monday.

  3. Well, tomorrow we are -- ahem -- playing hooky from church to attend the Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, MI...folk/blues/acoustic fun for about 14,000 people camped in a (n exceptionally well organized) hayfield in the middle of lower Michigan's mitten. We will, however, be there for the traditional 11 am Gospel hymn sing, and I might wander off to check out Mass in the Pines.

    Church-blogging on the texts this week, the things that struck me were 1)the sheer persistence of the shepherd and woman in Jesus' stories -- how many of us truly see God's saving actions on our and others' behalf in this way? -- and 2)their sheer joy at finally finding that which is lost.

  4. Sheep, coins and sinkhole for me tomorrow as we culminate more than 2 weeks of major maintenance needed to remedy a leaky underground pipe and the large hole in the parking lot it created. Name of the sermon?
    Sinkhole or Swim.

    In classic kj fashion, when I love the title I get really stuck on the sermon. Definitely going to focus on the party, and on our 'responsibility' to being whole... or something.

    Softball games at 11 and 12, so conveniently plopped down in the middle of the day. Vicar, I may be seeing you later.

    Coffee now for me, I've got some bagels and spreads here and for later I'll bring the Diet Cokes for those who must have one or the other.

  5. Hi, y'all.
    We got some worrying medical news about our dog, Sam, yesterday, so my Friday afternoon planned for sermon drafting turned into an afternoon of weepily petting Sam and calling family members at a distance to tell them. We won't know anything for sure until Monday, but I'm treating him as if the worst case scenario were true, which is to say spoiling him.
    I'm not sure how to get started on my sermon today, when I am so distracted, and I may well go to the files for some help, even though I hate to do that on the second week in my new call. The important thing is to get one ready, though, I guess. I'm working with Luke and 1 Timothy, attempting to give the congregation something of my understanding of Jesus. (Last week was more about God the Creator, with a quick bridge to Jesus.) Bottom line, it's good news for us that Jesus not only talked to sinners, but ate with them, too. He expresses this with the searching love of God portrayed in the two parables, and we hear Paul's testimony to it in the epistle (or at the very least a Paul-influenced testimony).
    What I don't have yet is a story for the opening, so hoping that comes to me while I'm drinking coffee, which is now ready.
    Come, have a cup!

  6. Lunchtime here. Just about to have chicken soup (for the soul?) and ham sandwiches with home made tomato chutney. Sermon is almost done, strangely enough. Preaching on the gospel - Luke 15:1-10. Thinking about mission but also about how we might also be the "lost". Lots to challenge. 9/11 will feature in prayers - especially for tolerance and acceptance and real christian love - not the sort that's being paraded on news via koran burning pastor.

  7. Martha,
    Sorry about Sam - praying for y'all and hoping you get an illustration and everything else you need soon.

  8. Vicar, Mary Douglas, who wrote extensively on Leviticus, says the same thing about the reason for the purity codes/laws - in part they were not about isolating people but about restoring the whole of the community. (there are other reasons for them too, like cleanliness, and the respecting the blood and bodily fluids as the "Life force of God" within us....

    Diane, I hope all is good tomorrow and the interim is a good fit for you and everyone else.

    ((Martha)) ((Sam))

    I'm not preaching tomorrow (again) but just got a supply call for a Sunday in Oct. - so at least there is one in Sept. and one in I'm heading to the gym and then working on the prayers for Sunday's post, so I'll be checking in from time to time. I have hazelnut coffee, and it's raining...a cool quiet morning.

  9. Good morning folks,

    Tommorrow is rally Sunday so we get our children back!! Yay! I'm going to focus on Luke but may through in a pinch of Jeremiah to compare and contrast the images of God that are presented in the readings.

    I've been eating lots of fair food these last couple of weeks so I've got Slimfast to share this morning.

  10. Preaching mainly on Luke, and including Timothy as well. Looking at how the parable is in response to the grumbling of the Pharisees. How do we respond to God's grace in our lives? How do we respond to God's graciousness toward people we think undeserving? Left over roast lamb and rhubarb in the fridge from dinner tonight – help yourself. Bed time on this side of the ocean.

  11. Vicar, you have the busiest Saturdays!
    Diane, I hope the new interim is a helpful colleague.
    kj, you are a marvel, and I believe it will come together. "Snakes on a Plain," right?
    liz, that pastor was just on the Today Show. I wish the rest of us could get the attention of the news and give a different viewpoint on Christianity.
    G_G, did you know there are parts of the country where kids (and grown-ups) go to church year-round? Ah, New England with the short summer weather and the apparent lack of need for spiritual life in teh summer...

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  13. Let me try that again.

    The SportsQueen is not ready to leave for her "thing" yet which starts after mine. So I'm jumping on the computer for a second.

    MomPriest, I had no idea! Do you know of any online source for more information?

    Martha, I think the second Sunday in a new call is a perfect Sunday to take advantage of the sermon file especially if it means caring for your heart.

    I found a terrific example of Christian action specifically toward Muslims in the states that I had saved to my old sermon files and posted it to my blog.

  14. I am clearly not awake. The SportsQueen must arrive for her thing before me. I am not patient enough to allow her to make me late ... don't be fooled.

    I could use a Saturday with nothing.

  15. Vicar, I don't know if her books are online....they are older...I didn't read this whole article, but try this and then google her name for more....

  16. Rats! I forgot I need to go by the church this morning. We have a twice-monthly pet pantry, for pet owners in need. I think Sam and I will ride out there and see how it's going. Hopefully my story will come to me somewhere along the way.
    See y'all a little later.

  17. Going to the files, also, mostly. A supply Sunday this week after two insanely packed weeks here at the homestead and at meetings with the girls in tow. Home alone with both of them today, so I probably won't get to sermonizing till tonight. Re-working an old sermon on the Luke passage, focusing on the joy of finding and being found.

    Using a new story about my mom finding my grandmother's diamond earrings after having thought them lost (actually she thought they were in the garbage dump) for almost ten years! Said earrings are currently in my ears.

    Vicar, I'm loving your idea, though. Wish I had time to run with that.

  18. Sorry to hear about Sam, Martha. I hope the vets can resolve the problem soon. When our pets have been sick, it's always reminded me of when the boys were babies - I would have given anything to ride out their fevers and flu bugs instead of them. Pets - same feeling.

    Funeral this rainy morning, so i'll be back much later, quite possibly with the RevNightOwls (great name Vicar!).

  19. Vicar, I like the idea that finding the lost one is about bringing back the whole, re-uniting the whole.

    I was sort of playing with the idea that in our post-modern, post-colonial, post-Christian era - could it be possible that the lost one is actually God?

    Honestly, when I hear about people burning holy books, I have to wonder what happened to the God of love and tolerance (who in the person of Jesus Christ ate meals with tax collectors and prostitutes)?

    I wonder if the hide and seek game that human critters tend to play with God has taken a different turn, and now it is us looking for God as opposed to the other way around.

    Early thoughts while the mascara was being applied. God works in mysterious ways indeed.

  20. i used the image of laying upon the shoulders, talking about the gift of community... and define "lost" today as loneliness and isolation...

    if it's your week to be overwhelmed and ya need to uhm "borrow" here it is

    however i know my "style" isn't for everyone...

  21. I'm feeling a bit burdened by too many ideas today.

    -9/11 and attendant, ahem activities (to use the kindest word I can come up with re book burnings)

    -It's rally day and people coming "home" after a summer away and also we are having tabling after church by quite a few organizations we give money to, as well as ministries within the church.

    -there's an icebreaker thing I want to try, which I will probably do doing childrens time, which will make that longer, meaning sermon must be shorter.

    -interesting thing I read this week on cultural context of lost coin (women would have been in and out of each other's houses all week, so the rejoicing is that none is the theif)

    -Lost my purse this week and it was returned unmolested. Is it worth mentioning?

    -and now, Sue, YOUR great idea has me off in another direction again.

    Also feeling a little time pressure, as I would like to get this all done this morning, so I can play this afternoon before I head out for fellowship dinners tonight.

    And, have a headache, so am CRABBY.

    Although, I dont have sad news, as you do, Martha. Thinking of you and Sam today and agreed that this is the PERFECT time to re-use and recycle.

    Also, I ahve pancakes made with cocoa powder and cinnamon added to the mix, so help yourself to those.

  22. My comment crashed, thanks Blogger...
    I'm praying for peace for MH and Sam, and loving kj's sermon title.
    I'm referencing many writers while using Luke to explore where we fit into the story.
    Do any of you 'map out' the sermon? I'm concerned that i will take too many twists and turns. I'm not sure if I've got a modified Lowrey Loop or just a downward spiral. ah well. I think there's a little more fairtrade coffee left.

  23. hi, back here after doing everything else to avoid looking at my sermon and tweaking it. I basically like it, but I'm afraid my big point at the end (we only really know we've been lost when we're found -- and there is rejoicing in heaven) might be lost because of the passive language.

    I'm hoping it's not too convoluted, because one of my goals this Sunday is to be SHORT

    I'm a little obsessing because it's Rally Sunday and I'm soloing. It's a big day and I want everything to go well.

  24. Youth and young adult ministry guru Rodger Nishioka tells the story of a time he was a part of an ecumenical team in Alaska, Presbyterians (or Reformed in general) working alongside Russian Orthodox. He was referred to the "Parable of the Lost Sheep" with some of the RO folks when someone interupted him and asked what the parable was he meant. He summarized the story and a priest then said, "Oh! You mean the Parable of the incomplete flock."

    My favorite story about that one.

    I'm off lectionary and working with the Luke version of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field and not worrying and all that. It's been stressing me out (ironic, I know) because in Luke it's connected with a "therefore" to a passage about greed. A friend helped me with a great start early in the week, but I just couldn't make it go.

    The shower gave me a good breakthrough last night though. The riches in the parable about the man who fills all his storehouses is greed, but the extravagently rich of the beauty of the lily is not. Why is that? In the first it is the man's attempts to gather up riches and in the second it is simply a perfect using/display of what God gives to be shared with others. Our own attempts to hold back are not rich and beautiful, they are greedy. The real way to be "rich" is to share what God has given us with all creation, the kingdom of God is found in the sharing of our gifts for the good of all.

    Too bad I won't be able to type until late and break my good record. I'm at church now for our annual Scottish Heritage Festival (put on by a bunch of Scandinavians and Germans, of course). There's some good football on this afternoon that I know I'll have a hard time ignoring. Oh well. I'll get back on my early writing track next time. And who knows, I could have very productive halftime writing sessions.

    Other thing on the agenda: (Possibly TMI) Helping Pearl work out my plugged milk duct. Ouch!!!

  25. ha! downward spiral! I know what you mean....

    Diane - also with you about wanting to be short.

    I"m at 1000 words right now with a little blank spot where a fascninating (!!) anecdote from today's interfaith vigil can go. Now, I'm going to help get a toy from the neighbhorhood garage sale fixed. Then, might I sleep for 20 minutes? Before I head out to the next thing? One can always hope!!!

    See you night owls later, when I"m back to polish up.

  26. She Rev - thanks for that Rodger story.

    Vicar - thanks for sharing your commentary thoughts.

    Together those things, with some of my napkin scratchings, have turned into a sermon on community.

    Feeling good about the sermon, I'm off to the grocery store so I can make minty brownies for the church picnic tomorrow.

    They'll be warm from the oven later on ... :)

  27. In a very high-level form of procrastinating, I've just turned a worship drama I wrote about the Lost Sheep into a story to read to the children tomorrow. You may find it here, and feel free to use it.
    Our trip to the Pet Pantry was for naught; no one was there! I guess having things on the calendar doesn't mean they happen. Live and learn?

  28. 1238 words. ugh I've spent too many Sundays this summer being one of 2 preachers and am finding a "full" sermon to be challenging. Plus its far too nice out to be inspired to do anything but get out of this house. anyone else having that problem?

  29. I am just back from a diocesan event this morning on "Public Narrative" as a means of discernment. Our bishop talked about our (co)mission to do God's mission in the world--the work of reconciling humanity with God and creation (he said it better but that is the jist). So I'm hoping to work with that idea, and the notion of the incomplete flock seems to go right with that. Thanks, SheRev!

    I just had grits and a poached egg for lunch and I may need a nap before I start writing since I was up very early to get to the meeting. It's beautiful day here, definitely feels like fall!

    Martha, praying for Sam!

  30. Martha, I am so sorry to hear about Sam. I will be praying for him and all of you.

    We are not having a service today, nor will I be attending any. But we are going to an interfaith peace march tomorrow evening that begins at a synagogue, stops at a church & a community center and ends with a meal at a mosque. That promises to be a really meaningful event

    I will be using Timothy, but also Matt 5:43-48, the Love your Enemies passage. And even a short passage from the Qur'an! And yes, the book burning is at the front of my thought process. I've been putting bits and pieces on paper all week so I expect I'll have more trouble cutting it short than making it long enough.

    Meanwhile (to clear my head) I have been putting some thoughts about today as a day for Peace on my blog.

  31. Back from two softball games (my own, because my brain thinks I'm 20), shower and then sermon MUST happen. The Boy comes home a touch before 5 and between then and bedtime is his (and most likely the dogs).

    In the meantime I will bask in the glow of Martha calling me a 'marvel'. Yes, Snakes on a Plain :)

    Thanking God for Communion meditations....

  32. Sermon draft is done, time for a nap. Please stop by and comment. This was a challenging sermon where I tried to weave together the Jeremiah text with the Luke text and wrapped it up with a modern day illustration. I hope I stayed true to the scripture.

    You can read my sermon here.

  33. Hi all.

    Trying to get motivated to write. Success rate: posting here.

    Preaching Luke and want the good news to focus on the rejoicing part.

    Looking for children's time material for the lost coin and lost sheep. MH, I'll check yours out.

    Community has a weekend celebration...but lunch choices, while wonderful and tasty, are not part of my food choices right now.

    However, if you like a tart are welcome to my Granny Smith apples.

  34. hi, I have a sermon. it might not be short enough. maybe it will get shorter after "early edition." may link to it later, and see if there are any suggestions.

  35. Im going with Luke tomorrow...and a reading from the Koran, but focusing on Luke and how God searches for us, while integrating the concept of the "whole"...and whatever else comes to mind. It is our regathering weekend, after choir on Thursday, Ice Cream Social last night, and SS teacher orientation this morning, I am a little tapped out emotionally (lots of extroversion for my introversion).

    (((((Sam)))))) ((((Martha)))))
    love, love, love and prayers to you all...

    and I will check in later.

    I don't have any snacks to share except for the TLC bars, but I will be running out later for take-out. What do you all want? Thai? Chinese? Pizza? Let me know!

    Who had the Diet Coke? I would love some of that!

  36. I'm finding that worrying about my dog and writing a sermon do not go well together, at all.

  37. hi. here it is

    I would love to have feedback. though I probably won't do anything until after the evening service.

    Thanks. (as always, I can now think of so many other ways I could have handled this...)

  38. Martha. Understandable.

    Give Sam a virtual hug from OZ and I...and one for yourself as well.

  39. Those of you reading from the Koran tomorrow, what passages are you reading? I'd like to do the same but am fairly ignorant.
    I'm also preaching on the Luke text and the idea that God finds us where ever we are.

  40. bummer. I did not think about quoting from the koran tomorrow. I'd be interested in the verses others are using, too.

  41. Hi. Joining the party late. I got a call late this AM about filling in once more for the same preacher. His food poisioning/stomach bug is still going on. It makes me think it might be something more. He is an older fellow and not in the best of health.
    Anyhow, I am doing another sermon I had in my files. Maybe I should try weiting a semon each week to stay in practice and then if I need it, I can use it. :)
    Really tired today. Sinus junk has me feeling rough. But, here I am at the party. Anyone want some fair trade chocolate or some Nutella on graham crackers?

  42. And many many hugs to Sam and Martha and family.
    Love to you all and nose taps from M,M,M, and M

  43. People who dont know much about the Koran and would like some guidance/intro (I count myself among them) might find help at A Common Word - it's a letter written my Muslim Scholars seeking to find common ground thru similar writings of Holy Scriptures (I think - I just heard about it myself today at our Interfaith Vigil here in Portland OR, so I'm just learning myself).

  44. Just re-read my comment and all I have to say is evidently This is my day to Randomly Capitalize....

  45. Im not preaching this sunday. I am going to a parish that is commingling with another--the only African American parish in the diocese.

    I expressed my concern to the bishop that it was often the African-American congregations that kept the justice issues before the diocese. And he said: "They think it is time for white folks to do that for themselves." What a difference 40 years make!

    Martha, prayers ascend for you and Sam. Prayers ascend for all who are preaching tomorrow.

  46. Almost 6:00 and I have NOTHING written. I was so tired that I decided to take a short nap. I had just gotten up and was trying to get started when I heard sirens--not unusual where I live but there were an awful lot of them. About 30 minutes later I looked up too see the field behind the church (which is just across the lawn from my house)covered in black smoke.

    As it turns out, an abandoned industrial building down by the river behind the field was on fire, and it was a HUGE fire. I couldn't believe how many gawkers showed up in our parking lot to watch the action. Everything is so dry here that there was a real danger of the fire spreading up the hill--part of the cemetery between here and there did get singed, and the firefighters are still out there wetting down the grass and trees and making sure the bit of fire that spread is out.

    As far as I know, no one was hurt, and the fire was contained before any other buildings burned. But its proximity reminds me again that we have lots of historical records in our building that are not in fire proof storage. Must do something about that.

    Argh...wish I had one in the files to draw on at this point, but I haven't preached on these texts before. Time to get at it. I'm sure I'll be at the late night party this week!

  47. Thanks to a friend for chatting with me when I was stuck this afternoon and helping me move forward, I have a draft, which I've posted.
    We've got our college boy coming home for the rest of the weekend, so we're ordering pizza. How about you?

  48. Thanks to a friend for chatting with me when I was stuck this afternoon and helping me move forward, I have a draft, which I've posted.
    We've got our college boy coming home for the rest of the weekend, so we're ordering pizza. How about you?

  49. In the hopes it will be helpful, I just posted a letter I received from a Muslim friend in response to my request for suggested readings from the Qur'an

    The primary passage I am going to use is below. I'll also be referencing verses 11 from the same chapter which also speaks of respecting others.

    The Holy Qur’an
    Chapter 49 Verse 13

    O mankind! We created
    You from a single (pair)
    Of a male and a female,
    And made you into
    Nations and tribes, that
    You may know each other
    (Not that you may despise
    Each other.) Verily,
    The most honoured of you
    In the sight of Allah
    Is (he who is) the most
    Righteous of you.
    And Allah has full knowledge
    And is well-acquainted
    (with all things).

  50. Yeah...the words came it when that happens...just wish it happened on a more frequent basis.

    If you are interested:A Shepherd's Staff and a Broom.

    Getting ready to grill a steak. I can throw on extras is needed. Sweet potato and asparagus.

  51. I'm thinking of adding this reading, too:

    The building was on fire and there was no way down the stairs. She was calling to say goodbye. There was really only one thing for her to say, those three words that all the terrible art, the worst pop songs and movies, the most seductive lies, can somehow never cheapen. I love you.

    She said it over and again before the line went dead. And that is what they were all saying down their phones, from the hijacked planes and the burning towers. There is only love, and then oblivion. Love was all they had to set against the hatred of their murderers.

    -- Ian McEwan's op-ed in the Guardian UK on September 15, 2001

  52. wow MH quite a reading.

    I think i'm done unless I add anything and I've no energy for that so out to take the dog for a walk. I'm not posting sermon till tomorrow morning. (Scheduled post this week.)

    Did find a on one of your blogs so added it to mine. what fun. and prcrastination.

    best to all, i'll keep reading your sermons.

  53. Martha, may I come to your church tomorrow please? Reading your sermon brought tears to my eyes. May those with ears, hear.

  54. Checking in (and keeping myself from checking Martha's) before I get The Boy's bedtime ritual going. I think I'm in a good place with it mentally, just wish more was written down.

    We're back to 2 services tomorrow, it would be nice to head into that with a decent amount of sleep. It's not looking so promising though...

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Martha -- wow, what a reading. I wish I could add it. maybe I will. but it must. be. short.

    and prayers for you, Sam and your whole family...

  57. I'm preaching for the first time in three weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed the time off. Luke is my focus and I'll be talking about how the Pharisees felt. I'll suggest that they think about how they would feel if they were to hear that I was hosting a dinner for: Integrity chapter, 2. a muslim community or 3. a group of prostitutes who work the streets of our city.
    My basic question is who is lost? Who are the sinners in this passage?
    We dedicated a new house for campus ministry in a nearby city this morning. Great fun! Of course, it rained so we started inside rather than out. But that didn't seem to matter at all.
    Tomorrow is Rally Day for us as well and I'm teaching an adult class on living/dying faithfully so that has taken a good deal of time this week. As to having all the kids back, it is apparently a big weekend for the Scouts so many of my kids won't be there and a sizable number of choir members won't be there, either. So it's not much of a rally.

  58. The Boy is in bed, the laundry is folded (classic procrastination, right?), the Penn State game is not worth watching... time to git. er. done.

  59. Two-thirds done, and watching the fire truck still in our back field. The saving grace for me tonight is remembering than there is no 8 am service tomorrow so I can sleep a bit later than usual.

    Back to the keyboard now...

  60. kzj, what an inspired idea! I have a dryer full of laundry that needs folding. Brilliant.

    Oh, right. Sermon, which is just as it was this morning. Toddler is sleeping peacefully. Baby isn't. Daddy isn't home till late. Sigh.

    Sermon, sermon, sermon. Must get to work.

  61. Well, my recent trend of getting sermons done early came to an end tonight, but I'm not considering it over, just a momentary delay. I don't have anything written, but something I scribbled in the back of my journal last night after a shower epiphany. I think I won't let myself watch any of the football games while I try to write.

    Big kids are in bed miraculously early, but I still hear them sneaking out of bed above me. We'll see how long I ignore that.

    My word verification fits me: undoctup or "un doc-ed up" No .doc here yet!

  62. hi SheRev -- sorry to hear about your momentary setback.

    I preached and tweaked again. (Thanks Nancy Fitz for reading).

    Now what I have to do is make notes of all the things I have to remember not to forget tomorrow (like, ie. stepstool for the child who'se reading at 10, little note cards for backpack blessing, things like that...)

    I just want everything to go well with just me....

  63. continued ...I think I have some "credibility issues".

  64. Good night pals. Everything is printed and I'm going to bed. Hope I'll be able to sleep off this monster headache.

    Prayers to all of you, especially SB and her doggy.

  65. Purple - like I said on your blog, the Hawaii prostitute story is one of my favorite Tony Campolo stories.

    For my sermon so far, with that story "in," my sermon is too long. With it "out," it's too boring. I'm not going for boring. :)

    I'm taking a break to eat pizza. I'll check back in soon but I'm hoping the sermon is, for all intents and purposes, done.

  66. Friends, I'm sorry for being such an absent hostess. We've had a family evening. Thanks to those who went over to read my sermon, I appreciate the feedback. We're trying to hold good thoughts about our Sam Dog. See y'all in the morning, when I promise to get the coffee going again early.

  67. Hello, one RevGalNightOwl reporting for duty!

    Glad so many are finished or finishing up...I was away this morning and came back feeling out of sorts, so I'm just now starting to get started. Could be another late night. Good thing there is only one service in the morning plus an installation of a colleague in the afternoon.

    Holding us all in prayer as we sermonate.

  68. glad you were able to have a family evening, Martha. I'm still here for about an hour, "tweaking" and making lists.

    so, I'll keep the hot tea coming for a little while.

    She rev? will you be back to keep Semfem company?

  69. I'm still here too. Can't keep a thought in my head for more than 2 seconds. I also don't have a bulletin for tomorrow (I assured the regular preacher I didn't need it till Sunday, otherwise he would have had to bring it by my house, email being beyond his capability). And now I can't remember what else I need to prepare. A pastoral prayer and....hmm. I guess I'll wing the rest of it.

    Also, I was planning on taking the baby with me and putting her on her quilt next to the pulpit (I've done this before at this church and it's worked fine). Then she decided to learn how to crawl today. We'll see how this goes!

  70. SheRev reporting for late night duty! I got a good start when I put football on mute, so maybe I can finish before midnight and my streak won't be totally broken.

  71. I'm still here too. Midnight is my goal.

  72. So, I'm preaching on Luke with a twist of Exodus in the mix, and LOVING Sue's take on Luke from earlier in the day. In fact, that may be just what I need to have something fresh to say.

    Alternately, I may pull up what I preached three years ago to see what is NOT fresh to say.

    I suppose I'm fortunate (???) that my team's game is almost never on TV in these parts on Saturdays...SheRev, I hear you about muting the game!

  73. My problem is that none of these teams left playing are my team. I just like to watch them all, especially when focusing on something important is the only other option.

  74. She REv! before I turn in for the night, I just want to say: we need to meet sometime! when are you going to be in Stillwater? (DarnKnitAnyway).

    okay, mute that game and write that sermon...

  75. I'm still here, too, searching for an ending. The last fire truck is gone, so maybe I won't be distracted by that any longer. But I have to stay up until the washer finishes anyway, having just remembered that I had to wash my alb for tomorrow.

  76. The pizza eating time became watch the first two episodes of Invader Zim as well. Good thing the sermon was pretty much done earlier because I have less brain power after that exposure to toxic substances. sadly, I can figure out how to put episode 2 into tomorrow's sermon. Again, good thing its pretty much done. Invader Zim does not need to be in my sermon.

    If it were in my sermon, I'd be doomed. ... I'm going to sing the doom song now ... doom, doomy, doom ...

  77. Now that your interim is coming things should be calming down, right? I'm relatively flexible. What day do you take off, Diane?

    Vicar, I have NO idea what you're talking about, but somehow I still like it!

  78. She Rev - Invader Zim is a stupid cartoon that my children have watched and quote *way* too regularly. The Entertainer found episodes on Netflix Wii & was watching them when the pizza arrived. So, be warned, it's stupid, and yet, I laughed ... more than once. The doom song is in the 1st episode if you are willing to risk your brain power decreasing due to toxic exposure :)

  79. And, while I'm not writing Invader Zim into the sermon, let me say that episode 2 has a kid no one will eat with.

  80. The game that is on that would distract me is in the top of the 6th, 2 outs.

    iCarly is being recorded on the tv I will watch after I actually print the sermon and prayers.

    For the next 20 mins, I'll watch via computer graphic updates and work toward having my Sunday morning paper trail.

  81. My husband came downstairs from the room with the computer I wish I were sitting at, but I'm not because he was up there. Now he's asleep next to me and I'm on the computer I don't like writing on. What's that all about? Too much trouble to transfer what I'm working on over to that one at this point so now I'm just stuck.

  82. She Rev - I hate writing on the "wrong" computer! I think that's like a batter changing to a different weight bat. It may work fine, you may even hit a home run, but it feels funny compared to your normal bat.

  83. Thank God for the file cabinet, is all I can say tonight.

    I'm hanging it up tonight, blessings to all of you still working.

  84. yes, Sherev, I hope things calm down soon.

    Monday is my day off. This monday is totally taken (I'm getting a MASSAGE), but after that...

    when I'm not preaching ( which has been never, lately), I also have lots of time on Saturday, except not this Saturday. pre-school prayer class and wedding.

  85. 536 words and a children's sermon done. 84 minutes to my hoped for deadline. This just might happen.

  86. The downstairs computer also makes me hot. It's a laptop that I actually have to put on my lap!

  87. I can make Mondays work, too, Diane. I'm off on Fridays, but with the weeks I've got coming up I won't feel bad at all about taking some extra time during the week! Saturdays can work, but the next few are booked solid. (Some for fun reasons, some for work)

  88. Vicar, writing about baseball bats are you? You tease!

    I am declaring the drivel I have on paper preachable and will give it another go in the morning.

    Note to self: CHILL on the sermon titles.

    Good luck this evening all, and blessings upon your mornings!

  89. The game I was "watching" on Yahoo is over and my team won, 48-13! YAY!

    Oh right...sermon. Phooey.

    On the bright side, I think I may have found a way to tie my sermon in to the fall theme. Which would be extremely helpful.

    Diane, I'm so glad an interim has arrived!

  90. Prayers for those who are still writing. Hope all goes well. There is lemonade in the fridge and some Choc Chip cookies on the kitchen table.

  91. Kathrynzj - it worked ;)

    everything is printed.

    iCarly is finished recording (thank God!)

    After I read the 398 tweets, I'll go watch the game & hope it doesn't last 13 innings

  92. I'm counting on the other RevNightOwls to take care of our comment duty (every pun intended)

    Blessings on your Sunday

  93. Hi Nightowls, Just checking back in to say hi.

    Just got back from a church function to find a big crisis at home involving husband and son locked out, having paid a locksmith 200 to drill a big whole in our door. Huh. Didnt think to get the kid to climb in the open window, I guess...

    So, I'm TOTALLY NOT in the mood to finish my sermon, and I might just not. I have a little time tomorrow in the morning to work on it, and hopefullly it's far enough along to finish up. I'll go read it now and see.

  94. Well you left the part of the story about the locksmith out in your other telling of it. Big oops! Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a good thing you have your family and I have mine. I'm not so sure my husband would still love me $200 later.

  95. 946 words and 30 minutes. It's not my usual style, but I struggled in a different way with this one, so I'm not too worried.

    SHOOT! Baby just started crying. Not good for my night.

  96. oh no! this sermon is no where near as done as I thought it was this morning! I have a beginning, a middle and end, but it seems they are from 3 different sermons.

  97. Ack Juniper! I sort of feel the same, that I have 3 different unpolished Bible studies (not even sermons), but I'm just going with them as soon as I finish. It's just going to be that way. OK. Now I'm going back to it. Really.

  98. Ok, I have 1200 passable words. So I'm calling it a night. 10 pm here, hopefully sleep will come soon.

    Sherev, yeah, there's probably a lot more I could say about that situation, but better to let it go, I'm thinking.....

  99. After 10 PM here, 98 comments...I'm just dropping in to check on everyone, wondering if we'll hit 100.

    Prayers for you all as you preach the truth tomorrow.

  100. Nice job ladies! You got us there. I'm at 1367 and pretty close to done. Missed my deadline a little, but I won't need to get up super early to finish either. That's good. I've probably got about 20 minutes left here. I hope. If I stay away from all my distractions.

  101. You can do it SheRev!

    I am really having trouble getting started. Lots is churning around in my head, but the way is not yet clear. *sigh*

  102. 1792 and I think I'm done. 10 minutes past when I last thought, but oh well. I'm going to head to bed hoping my dear Pearl is tired enough to sleep, and wake up on the early side of what's necessary so that I for sure have time to read this and fix what I'm sure needs fixing.

    Blessings to any who are still up in the night!

  103. Whew. Finally done. It's a bit long, but it will have to do. Good thing we are only having one service tomorrow, so I can sleep in a little bit.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this morning.

  104. Coffee is on! That was quite a party, gals and pals. For those who are uncertain, remember, the Holy Spirit's got your back.

  105. Good morning Pals,

    I love reading the comments from the night owls, you all are so funny. BTW Vicar, I so miss hearing the sound of your laughter.

    May the words we are about to preach and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to God, and may we ride on the winds of the Holy Spirit having our backs.

  106. I wish I'd thought to drop by when I was stuck yesterday. That was unpleasant. Now I have a sermon - maybe not perfect but it'll do. There were moments yesterday when I wondered if I'd even have that! Now to write a summary in the other language so those who don't follow english as well can have some idea of what I said. Fourty minutes to go before I need to leave...

    Martha, I'm thinking of you & Sam (& Molly). I hope you can find comfort in your weekend with family.

  107. Done and getting ready to print at work. Not my fvorite, but it's done. Peace y'all!

  108. Let's do this thing. HS is with us.
    Lord I am tired though.
    Afternoon date with my pillow is on the books.


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