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Saturday, April 30, 2011

11th Hour Preacher Party: Thomas? Again? You've got to be kidding!

Maybe that's where Holy Humor Sunday came from. I've heard it's about laughing at the great practical joke God pulled on the devil by raising Jesus from the dead. I think it's the joke the lectionary committee pulled on all of us by putting Thomas on the second Sunday of Easter. Every. Year.

Now I love Thomas as much as the next gal or pal, but it's tough listening for a new word about a familiar story every single Easter season. What do you do about this? How do you keep from preaching the same sermon intentionally or unintentionally?

I have skipped Thomas a number of years, sometimes for other lectionary passages, sometimes for other resurrection appearances that are more fitting. I considered this year pulling Emmaus up to this week because of the feeding motif. We have communion this week, so it seemed like a good idea.

This year I kept myself from reading any of my previous sermons until I had a good lead on this year's. I think I'm heading in a different direction.

How about you? What are you preaching this week? Will worship be "traditional" or do you lighten things up somehow the Sunday after The Big Day? Is it typically a "Low Sunday" for your congregation? I usually try to plan something extra the Sunday after Easter to "encourage" (read: bribe) people to come who might otherwise "take the Sunday off."

As always, join us in the comments. I'm sure there will be lots of virtual goodies showing up. My husband will be baking bread a little later in the day, so I'll have some to share in the afternoon or evening. I look forward to spending this party with you! And for a little something to inspire your laughter:


  1. Greeting to all the Associate Pastors and Solo pastors who will be preaching.
    I am rather pleased that I am not preaching this Sunday. My head of staff said he would not do that to me.
    However, i get next week's breaking bread text, which has communion meditation written all over it.
    Yet, communion is THIS Sunday.
    Uh, well...
    Anyhow, I do love the Thomas text and for those who did not catch it Tuesday, here is a link to a

    Music Video

  2. speaking of jokes...for us, it's the Sunday before a federal election...which I always seem to preach, whenever it's called, and never with one of the good texts like "To your tents, O Israel" or "Lo, is it not time for a change" I fear it will be Thos again, bless his heart.
    And the word verification, believe it or not, is "hiphot".
    Neither of which I'm feeling at the moment...
    catch y'all after some zzzz's, here.

  3. I decided that, although I couldn't take the sunday off (having been at BE4, using up my leave) I would make things easier for myself by writing a couple of reflections rather than preach a sermon. However, those are not yet written.
    I'm off, shortly, to lead a new men's breakfast service, so can share porridge and bacon rolls and then, a little later I have a wedding.
    I LOVED having the virtual company of Revgalpals yesterday for the Royal Wedding.
    I'll be back later to join the party.

  4. I am going to start with the Acts reading. This is the week to talk about using biblical passages to abuse people, in this instance, all of Judaism. I am relatively certain that there in not an antisemite in my congregation so they will be comfortable with the beginning. But I plan to include using Scripture to label people, to determine whose sin is greater, etc.
    From there, I thought I would talk about adding words to Scripture. Thomas is not the only one who doubts, for instance, and yet he has been stuck with the label for how many centuries now.
    And I'll end with something about belief not relying solely on either experience or words.

    But first, I'm off to an ordination a few hours away. So I'll check in again mid-afternoon.

  5. Hi, not preaching this week, Sunday School is leading worship. Next week is the Emmaus reading and Communion - moved from this week to give the Sunday School free reign.

    Happy planning the rest of you. I did notice that this week's passage is also about the giving of the Holy Spirit, if I was preaching I think I would go with that.

  6. This is my last Sunday "off" before I begin a new call and enter the phase of endless preaching, becoming once again a solo preacher. My daughter and her boyfriend have come to visit us at our new residence so we have touristy things planned for the weekend.

    I do love preaching on the Thomas reading and will miss it for the second year in a perhaps when it rolls around next year I'll come at it with new insight?

    I will be thinking of all of you and holding you in prayer as you write and prepare to preach.

  7. I've decided to go with Thomas - or really more with the other disciples: I find it strangely heartening that they met the risen Jesus, received the Spirit and STILL couldn't convince Thomas. So maybe we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves when we find it hard to talk about Easter hope. But of course we need to try...
    Very grateful to God_Guurrlll for the opening story 'poking holes in the darkness', too.
    My blog is here

  8. @Ruth So glad the sermon illustration inspired your sermon.

    Doubting Thomas AGAIN, uuughh.

    The only phrase that is running through my mind is the opposite of faith is not doubt but apathy. Thomas is not the bad guy in the story, he had a different style of faith. Some people have head faith, some people have heart faith, he had tactile faith...he has to see and touch in order to believe.

    Well that's what I'm thinking so far. Let's see what comes out in the sermon.

    My heart is heavy for those who were harmed by the storms this week. Praying.

  9. Good morning! It's a beautiful start to the day here. I am preaching from Acts, and I might just preach from Acts for the next few Sundays. But, what strikes me, is how 'grown-up' Peter is after the Resurrection. He spoke up when needed, and so least where we live....good people DON'T speak up when needed, and so the bullhorn gets passed to others who might lack the message of grace.

  10. Lots of great ideas. Margaret and Chilly, I love your willingness to tackle Acts. I read it and ran the other way, but you have found wonderful ways into that text that is potentially dangerous.

    I'm remembering now that I have also preached the giving of the Spirit part of this text. In fact, I think one year I even cut off the Thomas part and just went with that.

    I'm working with Thomas and the other disciples, and really the call to be the Body of Christ. I'll have read some of that from Corinthians earlier in the service during ordination/installation of officers, and then we also have communion to pull that imagery from. Ultimately, I'm going to go with the idea that we are surrounded by Thomases, people looking for proof about this risen Jesus, this new life. The Body of Christ is responsible for giving it to them. If we don't live the peace he lives with us, they'll never know. Or something like that.

    Two of my three kiddos were down at different points this week with a stomach bug, and I seem to be wrestling with it today. Thankfully with them it only last 12-24 hours, so I'm hoping for that same duration myself. I just feel horribly woozy, though. Scared to eat anything, but trying to drink water since I'm horribly thirsty. Even that makes the tummy start to gurgle, though. Anyway, I might be a bit of an absent host, at least this morning until it, hopefully, passes.


  11. Good morning, y'all!

    I love Thomas but I'm preaching Emmaus, which I also love. Next week, our choir is singing the Rutter Gloria and the sermon will go with that instead. So since we'll be off lectionary that week, I decided to steal Emmaus for this week. It seemed a good fit with stuff we have going on tomorrow (in addition to communion, we have our annual program meeting which involves a potluck lunch), and I also just didn't want to miss the chance to preach Emmaus this year. Earlier in the week, I thought I had a bunch of great ideas about it. I don't know where they went!

    Tonight I'm taking our youth group to see a production of Seussical at one of the high schools; a member of our youth group is in it. So I need to write like the wind so I can be done in time to go!

    Looking forward to spending the day with y'all. I have about a dozen boiled eggs left from Easter to share!

  12. some silly pastor (uh me...) decided we'd schedule confirmation for the sunday after easter... which in november, seemed like a good idea.

    can i just lament and say i'm exhausted??! wtih big whang-do sundays back to back... other things have piled up in the 'in-box'... grrr...

    bring on the coffee... i haven't written a word! it's been percolating though (the sermon)...

  13. Now that I am retired, I don't get to choose when I preach.
    @hotcup: Trying to keep the attendance up on the Sunday after Easter?? Our confirmation was first proposed by the bishop for this Sunday, but it was moved (Deo gloria)to Pentecost.

    I like preaching on doubt as a necessity of faith--the thing that draws us deeper into relationship with Christ. So Thomas it is. Actually the sermon is done as I am going to a class reunion for lunch and have a Sat. evening service at 5:00.

    Just a note. J has come through this first bout of chemo very well. Thanks for the prayers and concern.

  14. Due to attending previous BEs, this is the first year since 2007 that I'm preaching the 2nd Sunday of Easter. John 20 is the text I turned in for the bulletin. I had a funeral on Monday and have another member on hospice. The Entertainer has a piano competition this morning. And I need to make cookies at some point today. So, I think I'll be using one of those sustainable sermons. Even if I end up writing a new one, I'll be giving thanks for having options!

  15. Preaching Acts and Thomas. I have some ideas rattling around in my head but nothing firm. And of course I'm short on time today--have lots else to do, so really want to get it done--but hate to rush it either. Oh well.

    Lots of good stuff here!

    Verification is "hobki"--sounds like a variety of hobbit!

  16. Muthah+, I'm glad the first round of chemo went ok--one down.

    Am preaching on fear, grief and the gift of peace--saw many people this week with a whole lot of troubling in their souls. Found Alyce McKenzie's piece at Patheos very helpful.

    Interesting confluence of themes I had not noticed before--Easter hope followed by the gift of Peace this week. May slide forward a bit to Jesus' call to feed and serve

    Now it's errand time.

  17. Anybody know how to make a leaf blower not work without anyone knowing you made it not work. My husband is driving me nuts!!! I can't think!!! My son is on an 86 mile bike ride today with 3000 other riders. He has prom tonight. So I'm strugging to focus already. Arggghhhh.

    Going to get hubby's noise cancelling headphones now.

  18. dear mid-life, LOL, absolutely, the Total Silence headphones are the way to go on this one.

    I wish you well -- and safe return to the bike rider...

  19. confirmation tomorrow b/c once may 13 arrives... they are out of schoo. OUT! and then it's ball games, cattle shows, 4H, equestrian events... and the kids are all tied up now until the end of july... *sigh*

  20. I'm recycling this week, since I'm still pretty well wiped out after Easter and a funeral. What I pulled out of the recycle bin is a sermon I preached at a Nursing Home in 2005, just before I was ordained, and it's pretty rough, so I'm needing to do some major tidying up.

    I am going with Thomas and the struggle we all have with doubt and how we often second guess ourselves even in the face of miraculous signs and encounters. The encounter with Thomas shows how Jesus comes to us and gives us what we need to have faith; in Thomas' case it was the offering of himself in an incredibly intimate way (putting fingers into his flesh). In our case Jesus continues to offer himself to us in the person of each other as we live in community, gathered weekly to listen to his word, and receive him at the table.

    I love the way BBTaylor talks about how we gather in community and pray together so that even at the times we struggle to have faith, our commitment to each other means that we carry those who are struggling, so I'll likely weave that in as well. That might help you Hot Cup as you work on a sermon for Confirmation, and for those planning on communion this Sunday

    A final question, what is the opposite of faith? Apathy, doubt? For me, the most useful antonym is certainty. What do the rest of you think?

    For the rest of the day, I've got a house guest coming for 6 weeks, so I have to try to get all the left overs from moving that I cleaned out of my garage yesterday unpacked and put away so that the house is somewhat orderly.

  21. I am readjusting to a quiet house after my daughter and grandson left this morning after spending 5 days here (well, here and in the city), and I'm still waiting for daughter #2 to give birth (any day now!!) so my mind hasn't been much on sermonizing til now.

    Oddly enough I have never preached on Thomas. When I was an assistant my boss gave me 2 Easter off so he could take a couple of weeks after that, and last year I preached on the gifts of the spirit Jesus bestowed on the disciples. This morning as I was laying in bed this random thought floated through my head that Thomas was really all that different from the others, and that all of the disciples that we really hear about (Thomas, Peter, Judas, etc) are the ones who have the most trouble with consistent faith. Not sure where I'm going with that, but we'll see.

    Also nursing a scratchy throat and hoping it doesn't go any farther. And worry about my kids who have various and sundry issues to deal with. Parenting adults is just as fraught as parenting young kids...just sayin'.

  22. *that Thomas really wasn't all that different...

  23. Lady Father - - I remember when I was in high school going through a particularly rough patch in my life of faith, with doubts about any and all of it. I went to talk to our youth group leader (our associate pastor) because, like a good high schooler, I thought I should stop coming to church. I didn't want to be a hypocrite sitting the pews. He told me I didn't have to stop coming, and really I shouldn't stop coming. I insisted that I didn't believe any of it. He answered back, "It's OK. We'll believe for you." A very formative encounter for me!

    Hot Cup, when I was serving in Nebraska confirmation was always the week after Easter. Similar reasons. Good to get it done before everyone scattered for the summer. We couldn't really do anything with youth in May either because of graduation parties. We lost a lot of youth on Sunday mornings to graduation parties. As my mom says - FTLOG (For the love of God)

    Feeling slightly better, but not a lot. I'm sorry I'm being such an absentee hostess. My husband is rocking the childcare around here, though. I've been on the couch all morning until right now. I think I'm heading back there soon if I can get the baby to take a nap like the big kids.

  24. We're celebrating JOY Sunday, aka, Holy Humor Sunday. 2 folks are doing a Martha Bolton skit about excuses we make for not going to church - a TV reporter knocking on someone's door to find out why they're not in church that morning.
    We'll be showcasing the FPC World Class Kazoo Band playing, "This Is The Day" - the kids will start and the congregation will echo!
    We'll complete it with joke sharing, some knock-knock joke intros, and a celebratory communion liturgy. There will be balloons and fun cloths on the table. It's good to celebrate the joy of our faith and Easter. Everyone leaves happier and healthier!!!

  25. Communion Sunday so I have an itty bitty little sermon here on Thomas' big faith. Please feel free to stop by and read.

    Like the Vicar I hadn't preached on Easter 2, but I'd pull out Doubting Thomas on the Sunday I got back. What was I thinking?

  26. And now for something completely different. Stop by here for a giggle.

  27. Manboy is home from the bike ride. He rode 70 miles then took the ride for the last leg wanting to have some strength/energy left for prom. I'm very proud of him. He's raised over $700 this year for MS research. $2500 over three years.

    I'm hating everything I wrote this morning. Starting over. Clean page. Saving what I wrote in case there is some of it I can salvage later. Wishing I had thought to do Holy Humor Sunday tomorrow. Maybe next year.

  28. I don't usually write my sermons out but feel that I need a text to keep me on track this week. Too many potential rabbit trails. So here is my sermon GPS for tomorrow.

  29. So if tomorrow is Low Sunday, I guess that makes today Low Saturday - now wonder we have so few party-ers!

    I just got done with a little chess break with one of my kiddos. What fun! I have a hot mess on my hands with this sermon, but I'm hoping I can whip it into shape within the next two hours so I'll be ready to take the youth to the musical. And then come home and make deviled eggs and brownies for our church potluck. Oof!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Hello everyone!

    Tomorrow is my last Sunday at my first call. Today was spent doing a memorial service and a visit that didn't quite pan out (lady was asleep). Now I'm craving a nap but have a huge iced mocha to at least get me started sermonizing, so I really should make use of it. It's also beautiful and I kind of want to take a walk.

    No clue where to begin. SIGH

    (Well, Thomas and peace and the Holy Spirit. Something about all of that.)

  32. I am faced with preaching to a community devastated by the recent tornadoes. Easter hope in the face of the loss of homes and lives. By this point on Saturday, I always feel that I am a woefully inadequate preacher (and in awe of all of you) but this week even more so. Come Holy Spirit, come.

  33. Graceeagle- fwiw, I heard a story about a pastor in a similar situation that instead of preaching a sermon asked those gathered to share verses or Biblical stories that give them hope in these situations. He had two stories/passages of his own to share and used them as the first and last.

    My hospice lady died today. I have spent time with the family this afternoon. Now I am more grateful for sustainable sermons!

  34. Deep sighs of prayers for you, graceeagle.

    Semfem, you have a heavy day tomorrow,too. May the Spirit bless you both.

    It's been a napless day for children at our hiouse until the baby finally fell asleep on me about an hour ago. Bliss.

  35. Oh, graceeagle, I am so sorry. Prayers for you and your community.

    semfem, wow! - thinking of you!

    As for me, O Lordy, y'all. I just wrote an ending to the longest most convoluted bit of mess. BLEGH! It needs to be a good bit shorter, since it's communion Sunday and we're welcoming a new member. I don't know where to cut or tighten. Everything I have reads like such nonsense. Oof.

  36. Ugh. I have procrastinated in every way I can except for washing the dishes, which is looking better and better.

    How do I balance my desire to say farewell in the sermon and the conviction to preach the gospel regardless of the occasion?

  37. Just sitting down to join you all after being away all week. During my time in airports and on airplanes this morning I jotted some notes that I'm hoping will now quickly become a coherent sermon.

    Sounds like several people are in need of prayers and encouragement. Grateful to "stand" with you through this community.

    Word verif is ousis...which made me think of an oasis...which is maybe what some of us need on this Sunday!

  38. Graceeagle you and your people are in my thoughts and prayers.

  39. Just found a great Buechner quote on the value of seeing things with our eyes versus seeing them with our hearts. I share it with you now:

    “What we have to remember is that our eyes are not all we have for seeing with, maybe not even the best we have.

    Our eyes tell us that the mountains are green in summer and in autumn the colors of flame. They tell us that the nose of the little girl is freckled, that her hair usually needs combing, that when she is asleep, her cheek is flushed and moist.

    They tell us that the photographs of Abraham Lincoln taken a few days before his death show a man who at the age of fifty-six looked as old as time. Our eyes tell us that the small country church down the road needs a new coat of paint and that the stout lady who plays the pump organ looks a little like W.C. Fields and that the pews are rarely more than about a quarter filled on any given Sunday.

    But all these things are only facts because facts are all the eye can see. Eyes cannot see truth. The truth about the mountains is their great beauty. The truth about the child is that she is so precious that without a moment's hesitation we would give our lives to save her life if that should somehow ever become necessary.

    The truth about Abraham Lincoln is a humanness so rich and deep that it's hard to stand in his memorial in Washington without tears coming to our eyes, and the truth about the shabby little church is that for reasons known only to God it is full of holiness. It is not with the eyes of the head that we see truths like that, but with the eyes of the heart."

  40. SemFem, I love that! It makes me think of my beloved little blind dog...she was my best sermon example...all about seeing with the eyes of the heart.

    Here's my sermone for tomorrow.

  41. Thank you all so much for your suggestions, kind words, and prayers. It is truly a bit of God's grace to feel love and support from this community. I believe with all that I am that God is in the suffering and the storms and that the promise of Easter is real...I'm trying to say that without sounding trite,or like I'm only speaking platitudes etc. It is so real when the disasters you see on the news are actually in your neighborhood. I know, that is stating the obvious...I am just so struck still by the devastation of entire neighborhoods being reduced to rubble. One image---I saw an elderly couple sitting in lawn chairs holding hands and looking like they were in shock as they stared at what used to be their home, barn, and farm.

  42. That should be SERMON, but sermone does kind of have a pageantry feel to it, don't you think?

  43. Semfem, exactly what I needed for my road to Emmaus sermon! I'm off on a third start now, but it feels better. One question - how do I pronounce Buechner - can't remember how I've heard it said.

  44. Sunday School service today went well, I did the notices at the beginning, and that was it.

    Graceeagle, thinking of you. Trust that you know your community, and that the Spirit will guide you.
    veri word: exigge - is that like dancing exegesis

  45. I've been thinking about all those in the southeast who are dealing with devastation. I have a friend who pastors in Birmingham where that is the case as well.

    Had a thought that has completely derailed me tonight. Of what significance is it that the risen Christ still has wounds - not scars, but wounds that Thomas can put his hand into?

  46. Re3vTSB,
    I preached on htat question 2 years ago. here are the early thoguhts I posted that year

  47. Tomorrow I am preaching on making choices, on voting as an act that is informed by our faith (or should be anyway).

    I will touch on what the separation of church and state really means. I will touch on the need to invite our scriptures to dialogue with our modern world as we attempt to decipher the way forward. I will read a quote from Jim Wallis' God's Politics. I will not tell people what to think on any of the issues in this campaign or how to vote.

    Oh and I will share my vision of a campaign where negative ads are banned and all parties can only tlak about what they wil do, not attack the opposition.

  48. I am so sorry for slacking on my hostess duties. I'm here now to write and hopefully get this done quickly. I've felt icky all day and I'd like to just get to bed.

    It sounds like a few folks have finished up, but several of us still have a way to go. We can do it!

    No one has brought up children's sermons yet. Dare I say it? I'm not on this week, but let us know if anyone else needs help!

  49. hi, sorry to be so late. I am preaching this weekend, but actually was at a confirmation retreat last night and part of today, and had to get a sermon (sort of) done on Friday). Came back, preached 5:00. I like MOST of what I wrote, not quite all, but it's a Sustainable Sermon, eh?

    Our confirmation is on May 15, but we have a Mother/Daughter Brunch tomorrow, first one ever, and remarkably, about 110 people signed up!

    This may boost a low attendance somewhat.

    Muthah+, glad your first round went well. prayers for you.

  50. Third time was a charm. Two sermons two-thirds written but not the right thing until I read Semfem's Buechner quote. My husband was already on line to sing Open the Eyes of My Heart tomorrow. Finally, I have a sermon.

    Praying for graceeagle and all those trying to find the message of hope in the midst of destruction and despair.

    Sherev, I hope you feel better at least through your service tomorrow.

    Hubby is putting apple turnovers in the oven for us to share when I've printed and packed for tomorrow. I'll be happy to share with those who are left. Sherev, I have ginger ale left from my bout with the tummy bug earlier this week.

  51. Gord - thanks. I can't get the link to work - can you retry????

  52. I'm back from taking our youth to see Seussical and now I'm trying to unscramble my sermon. It's gonna be a long night.

  53. I've had a nap, tweaked and printed a sermon, prepared and printed prayers. Now to scavenge for supper and bake cookies for tomorrow.

    graceeagle - know that we are praying for you.

  54. trying to get that comment count up, but I think I will need to go to bed soon, (sadly).

    didn't get enough sleep last night.

    tell me, oh-you-pastors-who-are-also-amateur-counselors, why do I always get a little more nervous when my mom is coming to worship?

  55. thank you semfem... the buecher quote fit nicely. 'tis done. finito.

    prayers to those of you in the south.

    prayers to those of you with loved ones in chemo.

    prayers to those of you providing grief care.

    prayers to those who long for vacation.

    prayers to those still writing.

  56. Almost 9:00 and still just thoughts in my head. This is cutting it close. Think I'll start with "Peace Like a River" and go from there.

    MidLife--It's Beekner--he's kin to my husband. We call him Freddy.

    SemFem--hope you get some of that Gospel Peace tomorrow!

    Time to buckle down. Thanks for the encouragement and the company!

  57. SUre (who knows what I did wrong, my fingeres are not co-operating tonight)
    here it is

    in case I goofed again here is the URL:

  58. Ugh. Just wrote a post that got lost on the internet. Good thing it wasn't much of anything.

    I'm making progress, probably about 1/3 of the way done. I just need to go back and find my point somewhere before I get much further. Nothing too important.

    Thanks for the ginger ale offer. That would have been smart to have my husband go get that when he was at the store. Duh. Oh well. This should be on it's way out for me.

    Doing a couple of loads of laundry while finishing up my writing for tonight. I need something to wear tomorrow and while I'm at a synod meeting for the next two days. It'll all get done. Hoping for a sustainable sermon next week - - the one I wrote to candidate at my first call, but I'm not sure if I can find it. Almost to vacation!

  59. Well, I just got my usual nap out of the way, I hope. It was just a lot earlier than usual. So now it's midnight and I have nothing written, instead of the usual where it's 5 am and I have nothing written. This is good, I guess?

    I'm glad the Buechner quote was helpful to a few people!

    I'm also glad She Rev mentioned laundry, because I need some clean underwear for tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else is done or getting done!

  60. Vicar's story last week about Toscanini to the rescue! Only 900 more words to go.

  61. Finally getting down to it here - 8:30am sunday! I have posted two reflections that I'll use today, along with listening to Open the Eyes of my heart Lord - thanks mid-life for that bit of inspiration.
    Also, in the shower, (tbtg) I realised what I can do with the children - I'll ask a couple of our elders to play a game we sometimes use at conferences as an icebreaker - two truths and a lie - folk tell two things that are true and then make up something fantastic and see if the kids can spot which is the lie - leading into Thomas and the resurrection which is the gospel we'll read today.
    Prayers that we all hold up and feel ourselves renewed by the miracle that is resurrection - and then enjoy holy naps!

  62. WTG Liz! I'm finally writing after a good cry, a conversation with my fellow night owl boyfriend, and some Cheetos. It's been a weird night but a sermon might finally be coming.

    word verf: sings
    how lovely!

  63. So glad to hear the sermon got going to for you, semfem.

    I slept a little and have been up for not quite an hour to finish. I think I'll be done in the next 30-45 minutes. It's not my favorite sermon, but I don't think it's a bad one totally. It's definitely more preachy than some, but I don't think it's completely out of line. It's harder for me to be subtle when I'm trying to keep it short.

    I think I'm OK, though, on "Low Sunday." It's sort of a message for "regulars" anyway.

  64. I guess I have a message too. thanks for reminding me.

    the Holy Spirit has our backs.

  65. Okay, after a few more nappy times, I think I'm finished, although it's not great. Good thing there is only one service today and it's later than my usual first one.

    Prayers for you, graceeagle.
    Thanks everyone for your good wishes and prayers. I think this will be both a beautiful day and one of the hardest days of my life so far.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation today.


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