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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Fun Gathering at the Festival of Homiletics!!!

I hope it's okay to bust into the "Ask the Matriarch" party today, but I thought I should let everyone know that we appear to have a plan in place for any Rev Gals or Pals attending this year's Festival of Homiletics event, taking place May 16-20 in Minneapolis.

We have tentatively arranged a meet-up at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Minneapolis. They have a restaurant there called the "The Great American Grill." The menu looks good and is reasonably priced. If I have a sense of numbers, I will be happy to make reservations.

So far, the plan is to meet there on Tuesday May 17th @ 5:00 pm for dinner. Worship is at Central Lutheran with Otis Moss III at 6:45. There is a concert to follow with the Peter Mayer Group being featured. This should allow for plenty of time to get to the worship and concert, as we will be right across the street from the venue. If anyone wants to arrive a bit early for dinner to allow for more meet and greet time, that will be fine too.

Further plans for Wednesday night dinner are to meet at Brit's Pub, time to be determined. We can arrange all of that at Tuesday's gathering.

It would be helpful to know who is planning to be at the Festival of Homies and who would like to join us for dinner.


Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.....


  1. Yea!!! I'm not coming to the Festival, but will do my darnedest to make it to the meet-up before my 7:00 p.m. session meeting. Not sure how that will work, but I'll try!

  2. I'm going to the Festival for the first time! I've even convinced to pastor gal pals of mine to go too. I'll chat with them and see if they'd like to go to the meal.

  3. Stephanie, I'm planning to be there as official greeter by 4:00 pm. Someone has to start happy hour, and I am prepared to take one for the team. ;)

    Oh PS - please do join us!! We're all about the fun!! And bring your friends for sure!

    FYI - I will be the short person with greying hair (with a kick-@ss cut, btw) and a big smile. I can't wait to see/meet every one!

  4. I will be at the Revgal meet up. My name is Kellie and I am driving in from Michigan, for my first time at the Festival.

  5. Othergma - I hope you can join us!

    I'll look for your name tag on Monday at registration and worship!

  6. I can't afford the Festival but I don't live far and would like to tentatively plan to come to dinner

  7. Pastor Joelle,
    That would be wonderful!!!! I look forward to meeting you!

  8. I will represent the Pals at the gathering.

    I found out that the FoH is half off for students, so I couldn't turn down the chance. It'll be my first time there!

    Sue, maybe you could have a sign or something--just in case there are several short women with greying hair and big smiles. It is Minnesota, after all, and we are known for being nice! : )

  9. Jean, Crystal, can you help out with this?

    How about the RevGal/Pal shirt from BE 2.0? It is fairly recognizable.

  10. Lovely! I can help out also if you'd like. I'm relatively local.

  11. I should have spoken up sooner- my church is in Minneapolis not too far from downtown, and we would LOVE to host a BBQ for this group... Am I too late?

  12. OK, haven't heard anything, so maybe next time!
    Look forward to seeing some of you at the gathering(s).


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