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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ask The Matriarch - Thanksgiving 2011

We had no questions in the queue this week, so one of our matriarchs has a question for all of you...she has several questions, actually!

 Muthah+ asks... I would like to know what folks are doing for Thanksgiving--going to family, having family over, getting away, having some quiet time? What are you going to have for Thanksgiving dinner? Are there some special recipes you reserve for this gathering?  What are you going to do when not eating or preparing? Watch football, play with grandchildren, catch up with family and friends, work at local Thanksgiving Dinner program? 

Let us know what you are up to on this day of giving thanks. And remember - with the Matriarchs there are no Black Friday-esque waits in long lines at the moment!  The mailbox and the matriarchs are waiting for a question from YOU!  Send it to us here.

 May you live in God's amazing grace+


  1. We'll be going to my aunt's house - over a couple of rivers and through the woods although not really that far away. She's only 7 years older than I, one of two remaining of my mother's 9 siblings. Her and my uncle's daughter and two teenage sons will be there too, and "we" includes our adult daughter who lives with us right now. We'll be having a natural turkey (in other words, no injections!), stuffing and gravy and mashed potatoes; cranberry sauce both homemade and "with grooves"; my sweet potato/peach/cashew bake; creamed spinach and artichoke casserole from daughter's workplace; and doubtless several other vegetables probably including squash and turnip. Eight people at the table so eight desserts - seven pies and a pumpkin roulade. When we dropped off the turkey my uncle said he'd be hooking up his computer to the big tv and doing a slideshow of his many photos for anyone who feels like watching it for a few minutes. He restores old cars and trucks so there will be many pictures of that, plus photos from a couple of cross-country RV trips they have taken since retirement. None of us have much interest in football. Happy Thanksgiving to all! (I do miss the Thanksgiving morning informal worship we had in our City of Lakes church. Nobody does that here, very few Wed. eve. services either.)

  2. Our Thanksgiving comes on the heels of an extended family gathering earlier in the week that included Son #2, Daughter-in-Law and Granddaughter, visiting from California, Fellow Traveler's ex-husband (from almost 40 years ago) and his partner, FT's sister and niece and niece's boyfriend. ("Modern Family" scriptwriters: If you need some new story lines, just call us...) That meal was "surf and turf"/potluck followed by a pie-o-rama thanks to our Amish friend Bob the baker. Today it's just the two of us, with a fairly conventional menu: Local turkey, simply roasted with herbs; dressing (cooked outside the bird; loose dressing; no foofy innovations this year); roasted veg; cranberry sauce made with UP cranberries; mashed potatoes and gravy. We are, sad to say, pie-d out, and are skipping dessert altogether! FT is looking forward to the Lions game; I'm looking forward to turkey! We are thankful that our family get-together went well and that we got to spend quality time with our granddaughter; we're thankful for life; we're thankful for our furkids, who are settling back into the home routine after their stay at the Happy Fun Time Dog Lady's; we're thankful for one another. It's a good day!

  3. This year I'm doing something different--I made a reservation for myself at the Chicago Diner, a prominent vegetarian eatery. Instead of either waiting for someone to invite me over (which always seems to be a last-minute event, like Wednesday night--I had two people ask me yesterday what my plans were, with the tone like they were about to invite me over if I'd said my plans were to sit at home) or simply making my favorite things (mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and crescent rolls!) and staying in my pjs, I decided weeks ago to have a fun city day. In a few hours I'll be on a train headed in to spend the afternoon browsing at the Christkindlemarket, then up to the north side for an awesome vegan thanksgiving dinner, then home again in plenty of time to get a good night's sleep so I can work out a lot tomorrow. :-)

  4. Thanksgiving is always a hard holiday for my partner and me. Our families are afar (which is okay, most of the time), and our good friends have good family nearby... So this year, having moved into co-housing a year ago, we're doing potluck Thanksgiving with some of our community members. What will it be like? I'll know in a few hours!

  5. Our first Thanksgiving in South Dakota, 1200 miles away from family and friends - and our first Thanksgiving without our oldest child, who stayed in Ohio to go to college.

    So it's just the three of us. We'll get lots of phone calls from our daughter, who is cooking her first ever turkey today (the how-do-I calls started last Sunday!). We're having turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the stuffing my mom taught me to make, the cranberry jello salad Tim's grandmother always made, cranberry-jalpeno relish, pumpkin pie, and sugar cream cake. Of course there's cheese ball and crackers and homemade bread and butter pickles for appetizers. I've had a surplus of Amish Friendship bread starter, so I've been a baking fool this week - snickerdoodles, gingerbread, sourdough bread. We could probably feed a dozen!

    Then it's football for the guys and some tree decorating for all of us. I've got a new book to read and some interesting bead projects to do. A nice relaxing day at home! Still I wish our daughter was here.

  6. I am with good friends and even that comes with some ups and downs. Since 8 pm last night it has been non-stop talking and planning about shopping (some are already doing that TODAY) and for the wee hours of Friday.


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