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Friday, November 25, 2011

Free Gifts- Friday Five

Following on from Thanksgiving, and picking up the "Black Friday" theme of boycotting the Christmas rush for bargains I thought it would be good to set a simple Friday Five yet one to get you thinking. I am sure that you'll agree that some of the best gifts we receive do not come in fancy wrapping paper but might be the gift of an unexpected afternoon with a friend or coming across a long forgotten photograph, or- well the list is endless...

So take a bit of time to think back over the last year and ponder the gifts it has offered to you, then list five of those gifts, in no particular order- there is only one rule- all of these gifts must have been free, neither you nor anyone else should have spent money on them!

(Picture by Tim Coleman, more at his blog Images and Stuff)

As always, let us know in comments if you play. Even better, get in the habit of posting a direct link to your blog entry in your comment, using the following formulation:
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  1. My list of free gifts and thankfulness it really did me good to set and play this- so thank you revgals!

    Lots of pictures in my play too!

  2. I posted my list.

    Thanks Sally.

    Sorry for the weird white background on m blog...I am trying to find where to get rid of that when I copy and paste.

  3. I could have gone on and on. Thanks Sally. I played

  4. Purple, I have that problem, too, and I think it has to do with our RevGals template, not your personal blog. My workaround is to copy the text into Notepad, then paste it from there to Blogger. Notepad takes out the formatting.
    I'm still washing yesterday's dishes, will be back to play later!

  5. Soooo many gifts, this year was nuts! Gifts galore! mine

  6. I've done a bit of research on the white background problem. If I go to HTML and then paste in the text...flip back to compose it does take the white background away...but you lose the formatting...guess it is a trade-off.

  7. I played here

    Songbird: I have a really hard time with Revgalsblog. It takes a really long time to load and I can never open the comments to full screen.

  8. I blogged about Gifts, though I do not discount gifts that involve money.

  9. I played here. Yes, it's after dinnertime. I'm watching movies, writing,'s a holiday, you know. Here, anyway.

  10. Saturday evening and I am about to log off. sermon on hope


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