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Saturday, February 04, 2012

11th Hour Preacher Party: eh, what's that you say? edition...

...Have you not heard?..

... he cured many who were sick...

....he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed....

The fifth Sunday after the Epiphany is here. Ash Wednesday and Lent are a mere few weeks away - I am thick in the middle of preparing for what comes next - always living one or two seasons beyond the one we are currently "in."

Such is the life of a Pastor and preacher. And so, with all the work I have been doing in preparation for Lent I have barely looked at the readings for this week. A classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees. But here I am, Saturday. (BTW, wasn't it just Saturday?)...

Anyway, here we, are you like me, wondering not only what the texts are, but (YIKES)what you are going to say about them? Or, are you well on your way to having a sermon written? Or do you have a title and some working ideas but not much more? Or are you responsible for the Children's time but not sure what to do to convey the meaning of these readings for the kids? Or do you have the week off? Or are you working as a supply clergy or at a neutral pulpit?

Regardless of the specifics of your circumstances and the reality in which you will preach tomorrow, we are here. WE ARE HERE. to help you. to support you. to read your sermon and offer feedback. to feed you in body, mind, and spirit...(best as we are able)....(I have some delicious coffee, lots and lots of choices for tea, some homemade yogurt...and later I will probably make some cookies). So, pull up a chair, join us for some conversation and, let me get you a mug - would you like some tea or coffee?


  1. It's still Friday night where I live, but I'll be back in the morning. Hope you all sleep or slept well, preacher pals.

  2. I am here again, trying to finish up another funeral sermon for tomorrow morning. But will be back later, after the funeral, to focus on preaching Sunday. Think I'm going with Mark and Jesus' healing, perhaps for the first and only time this season. (such great OT readings for most of the Sundays!) That's all I got right now.

  3. tomorrow we have a Back to School celebration, so with that and communion, I decided not to try and address the gospel. I am preaching [very briefly] on the Psalm. how our praise witnesses to God - or something like that. thank you Working preacher! It isn't written yet. The service is already looking longer than normal, and we have after church study group starting tomorrow, which new for us.
    I think I have all the bits for the children's time and after church study, and the liturgy is done.
    almost time for dinner, hamburgers are about to go on the BBQ.

    be back in a few hours.

  4. 200 words, the shortest reflection ever! I won't even post it. if you are interested in the psalm, I suggest you look at Working Preacher

    and it is only 9.00pm.
    time to get everything together for tomorrow in one place, maybe the car would be the best idea, then I will have it all with me. children's beginning of school year gift packs; worship liturgy; orders of service; material for study group.

    we have lots of passionfruit to share at the moment, growing like crazy and only my husband eats them.

  5. I've typed this post twice and lost it so it gets shorter every time!
    I'm going with Mark and healing. Jesus prepared to get his hands dirty, to break rules out of love. Healing is for mission and service, but prayer to find out the direction in which God is calling. Then a brief look at Paul being compelled to share the gospel and meeting people where they are. Our OT reading is Job, not Isaiah (unfortunately) so the final message is, if you are feeling like Job, come to the altar rail for healing and for re-energising for mission. I will have 3 helpers and this is the first time it's been done in our parish for years, so wish me well!
    No cookies for me thanks - trying to shed excess Christmas weight -- but I also have lots of coffee if you'd like some. Grapes are in season here too.

  6. Good morning, everyone!

    Way to go, Pearl! And I'll have some of that passion fruit for my breakfast smoothie.

    I've got the gospel and Isaiah talking to each other about prayer and how it "works" which ultimately gets to the way that we "work" prayer by what we do or don't do that is consistent with our praying. I'm referencing a sustainable sermon, adapting it for this context and making it make (I hope!) a little more sense than it did to me when I read it again yesterday.

    But first, a trip to the Philadelphia airport to take some people to their flight and then a meeting with the Assistant Pastor to hear "what happened" when I was gone. It is my *prayer* that the malfunction of the Fellowship Hall thermostats (or furnace) is the most challenging thing. I'm in the mood for good surprises, if there are surprises at all!

    I'm putting out my usual call for a Children's Time idea. (Please)

    I just made fresh coffee; help yourselves!

  7. Good morning! I'll take some of that coffee. My empty house contained little to eat or drink upon my return, and on my quick trip to Trader Joe's yesterday, I sadly forgot half-and-half. :-(

    Book Group this morning and a District Chorus concert for my 16yo this afternoon (including travel to and from both) means a busy day and not much time to pull together my thoughts on Isaiah and Mark. I am looking at a sustainable sermon and hoping I can use its framework to create something that works in a (surprise) busy service that includes both Installation of Deacons and Communion. Really, I won't need to say much, will I?

  8. Good morning Jane Ellen - it was stilll Friday when I wrote this post, the end of a long day. Now it's morning, Saturday, and I hope you slept well.

    Sefem, I hope the funeral goes well, prayers for you.

    Hey Pearl - I preached from the Psalm last week! I find that it can be more challenging to say something in fewer words than more? But with all you have going on a short reflection seems right.

    Hi Pat, welcome! Sorry blogger is giving you problems with posting. Thank goodness for hot coffee. Look forward to how you develop your sermon ideas.

    Sharon - welcome! I may end up going in the direction of prayer as well. Our Lenten series this year will focus on the many entrance ways to prayer - offering opportunities to pray through art, movement, song, candles, and even healing prayer and anointing. SO - I look forward to seeing how to develop prayer in your reflection.

    Martha! welcome. Cofffee is essential, and these days so is half and half. And, honestly with all you have going on, no you really don't need to say much....

    Well, I am trying to wake up, grateful for coffee. Tending to my dogs before I get going on the sermon. I'll be around all day - so, welcome to the party! Would you like more coffee? or some tea?

  9. Good morning all!
    I just walked 2 blocks in the cold to Starbucks because we are out of half and half too, Martha.
    But now I'm settling down to write. Not sure why nothing was written yesterday?
    Anyhow, I am using both Mark and Isaiah. Won't really know where it is going until it announces itself, but at this point, I am seeing resonance between Isaiah "those who wait on the Lord will rise up" and Jesus healing Peter's Mother in law, when she rises up.

    Sharon, for children's sermon, I am using the idea from a few weeks ago with the grapes in one ziplock bag and marbles in the other. It was the week before the cruise.

  10. Marci, that's my first stop on the way to Book Group.
    I did find an old sermon on this text with a great story about my mom in it. As I recall, it preached. I've got a draft of something, but of course I wish it felt fresher, and I think I may just tell it. (Really, Martha? Really? Does anyone believe any of this? Don't we all know you're coming home later and writing a whole new sermon?)

  11. Marci - welcome! Yum, a strong Starbucks sounds great....I agree that point between the two is intriguing. WorkingPreacher has some thoughts along that trajectory which may spur my direction...or, not.

    Martha, so far I have yet to use a sustainable sermon, although I do often reused illustrations but in a different context that previously, I hear you!

  12. Good morning, Rev Gals. Off to walk the dogs and then to start on my sermon. I'm excited about this one in a way I haven't been before. Am working on Isaiah and in the middle of the night I woke up thinking that the God who created me was shaking me by the lapels and reminding me of that and that I was made in her image and shared her DNA! What a thought to get me through the times of exile. Then when I woke up for the second time this morning, it struck me that though on first read this God of deutero Isaiah is much like the God of the whirlwind, there's a vast difference. This God is not so wholly other. There are all the images of a mother God in deutero Isaiah. Yikes--what a great getting up morning! For those of you who are just starting on the texts, Brainwave has a good podcast this week and the Tillich sermon posted on Textweek is excellent. Have fun. Off to walk the dogs.

  13. Morning RevAlli! Thank you for sharing all that insight and resources! WOW. Enjoy the walk, and keep us posted as the sermon forms.

  14. so january here was 50 degree days mostly (very unusual) and now that february has arrived the blizzard is on. will we have worship? do i really need to finish the sermon that is 2/3rds there and i forgot where it was headed?

    grrrr.... anyone seen my conclusion running around in snow boots and a scarf??? anyone???

  15. Good morning pals,

    I've been up since 6:00am packing for the big move that will be happening at the end of February. Yes I know it's early but I have all those @#$% books to sort and pack.

    Beloved decided we needed a break and she's running to the store for some coffee and chocolate. I'll have her bring some to share with you all.

  16. Hey HotCup...and to think I was hoping that storm was headed our way, but it appears the storm will stay too far south. sigh. I do like a good snow storm! Oh, and that sermon conclusion, if I see I'll head it back your way.

    Welcome GG, packing is a pain...

  17. Hi, Sharon, and others.

    This link

    has a children's story with hands.

    I was going to use it as a children's story, but we have communion tomorrow, so it is the opening prayer of approach and confession instead.

  18. Good morning, everyone!

    I'm back from vacation and a first call retreat and the drama of my van dying (never to rise again!) on the trip between the two. If there ever was a time I needed a sustainable sermon, this week is it!

    Alas, nothing to fall back on. I'm preaching Mark and toying with a couple of ideas. I could use David Lose's excellent sermon outline, maybe with the modification in one of the comments. We did a text study on retreat and the question "What does it feel like to be completely, instantly healed?" has been rolling around in my head. Finally, I've been pondering how the three healings - in fact the whole first chapter of Mark - shows what it means for the kingdom of God to be near.

    I'm not terrible motivated right now. Hopefully, the rest of my coffee and a hot shower will remedy the situation!

  19. Afternoon all - not preaching and won't be for some time now, as the PhD enters this last year. Am trying to stick with the discipline, however, of looking at the upcoming texts and wondering where I might go if I were preaching...

    Having looked at Working Preacher, what I began to tease out a little was the idea of disintegration, restoration, and reintegration.
    WP highlights Simon's mother in law along these lines, which I quite liked. She's ill - in a sense there is a physical disintegration occurring here - she is restored, and then she serves - is reintegrated back into her familial role and enabled to be the provider of hospitality.

    In turn, by being able to do so, she plays a part in the restoration of Jesus and the disc's - they are fed and watered and rested so that they too can serve... it prevents a possible 'disintegration' happening?

    And so, the disc's bring all the sick, the demon-possessed to be healed - from disintegration, to restoration, to reintegration. [Interesting the text says 'many' not 'all' were healed]

    For his own restoration - after giving of himself - Jesus goes off to a deserted place and prays...
    before saying to the disc's it's time to go so he can continue with what he came to do.

    So the passage could demonstrate a sort of ripple in the pond effect of moving from types of disintegration through to restoration and then reintegration... from a very localised context to a much broader one.

  20. Oh Ramona, what a pain! I'm sorry the van met that untimely demise and caused you that stress and strain. If I were you I might seriously consider using an outline already created and just fill in the pieces for my context! Assuming of course that that will be easier than writing from scratch...anyway - welcome to the party - let me refill your cup!

  21. I am in one of those states when my mind is muddled among the things that need to be done today and this week and as a result I am not thinking about any of them clearly...more like an impending sense of doom! I decided to try making progress on the sermon; of course, that starts with a visit here!

    I need to do a family friendly sermon that will connect with the once a month children's choir attendees and the once a year Scout Sunday folks. So, I am going with Isaiah and how when we are tired, frustrated, discouraged and can't get ourselves back on track, we can turn to God to raise us up. Preaching to myself, huh? I am doing it as a
    Keynote presentation, which allows for less work on words but much more on images and conciseness.

    This is a hard weekend for me; 18 years ago my MIL died on this weekend, and last year at this time I found out my Dad's cancer was inoperable. I sort of convince myself those things aren't bothering me, but I know they are weighing on my heart, and rightfully so.

    Thank you all for being here, a place where I can say this and be understood. May we all be lifted up and given strength for the tasks, great and small, that await us today.

  22. Well, I spent all day yesterday in the office with that sort of blurry-eyed rocking sensation that tells me that i should have just taken the day off for re-entry, because absolutely nothing got done. On the bright side, I did come home with a copy of the bulletin, where I discovered that I did not put in a sermon title...which means that I have actually no idea what I thought I might be preaching on tomorrow. Something about the gospel, apparently.
    My cats have forgiven me for going much so, in fact, that now they won't leave me alone. They both are trying to sit on my lap at the same time, which means sitting on my arms and between my eyes and my computer screen, so writing a sermon should be particularly interesting (read: dangerous due to claws) today.

    I have been contemplating the idea (I think I originally saw this in Feasting On The Word, but it's similar to what Nik gleaned from Working Preacher) that Peter's mother-in-law experiences healing and her response to that is to serve--she (to use Calvinist language) responds to grace by living gratefully. Meanwhile the disciples, who have also experienced grace, are busy looking for Jesus to do more works, rather than living a grateful servant life themselves.

    Or something.

    I can't even tell you how happy I am that it's the Souper Bowl of Caring AND communion this Sunday, because that means I only have about 7-8 minutes to preach. Surely I can write 800 words that make sense, right?

    Too bad I also forgot milk or cream or any other kind of dairy product that would make coffee possible. I think there's an epidemic of dairy forgetfulness going on!

  23. Awake now, and grateful for the thoughts that y'all have stirring. I'm headed to the hospital to visit a parishioner, then to the office-- and hiding there for a while because I have an annual meeting report to begin for next week, in addition to tomorrow's sermon. I'll have the hotpot plugged in for tea or hot chocolate; both are good lubricants for prayerful wordsmithing, and I have plenty to share.

  24. Betsy, I'm glad you're working on Isaiah. Sounds like you are in the place those exiles were in. Seasons of exile we all experience from time to time.

    I just took a break to read all of deutero Isaiah. What a treat. The poet who opens with words of comfort closes with an amazing promise and an image even more comforting that eagle's wings.

    Have a delightful day of it.

    one other thought that came on the dog walk: UCC churches bear that beautiful red banner proclaiming "God is still speaking." I'm wondering if we need to make another banner proclaiming, "God is still creating."

  25. Hi Nik, welcome! Walter Brugeeman uses a similar path for understanding the types of Psalms - Orientation, disoreintation, reorienation...good anchor for approaching the texts...

    Teri - LOL, I know that cat experience...Interesting idea to consider grateful living and being so busy one forgets to be grateful...

    'morning Jane Ellen! Welcome back.

    I'm thinking I may consider something along the lines of a reflection on being cured and being healed - not necessarily the same thing.

  26. Morning, gals. Not much to offer this a.m. but cereal and coffee. Franctically getting ready to head off to neutral-pulpit location a few hours away.

    Think I'm going for the connection between Isaiah and Mark, too, Marci. At least that's what I thought on Tuesday.

    I'll be back later!

  27. Rev TSB good luck! Prayers ascending.

  28. Welcome back BE5'vers!

    I am staycationing this week but thinking of all you as you prepare. I've just finished scooping a foot of snow...I think Hot Cup and I experienced the same massive storm system.

  29. Terri - thanks for the Brueggeman heads up - like!

  30. Hey Purple! Welcome...I hope you enjoy the time off, even if you are snowbound!

    My husband just left for work, which means I have some quiet time inwhich to focus on sermon writing....unfortunately I also have a meeting (which I almost forgot about) at the church in an hour.

    ...and I still don't know where I'm going with the sermon.


  31. oh and Rev TSB - prayers for you!

  32. Blessings and prayers, RevTSB!

    My time between events turned out to be shorter than I would like, so now I'm rushing to get ready for my daughter's concert. I think I'll bring a notebook and jot thoughts down. I like all the stories in my (lame) (updated) manuscript, but I don't feel it has life. I'm going to sketch out what I liked about them and hope to rise up from the bed, creatively speaking, when I come back later.
    And if you haven't looked at the prayer blog today, be sure to! It's a video from BE 5.0.

  33. I have a relatively empty Sat for which I am thankful. I need to see a church member who is in the hospital. I need to go by the church too but I really like the feel of these 'jamas.

  34. Hey Vicar! I hear you....I just returned from my meeting at the church and am headed for my 'jamas, some meditation time, and a cup of tea! AND I read through the sermon from this date in 2009 and may use some of it again....or not. We'll see what comes from the meditation/prayer time...

  35. David Lose has a fabulous blog about people in the church being in need of either care or call - represented by Peter's M-I-L being healed and rising up to serve.

    With kids - in a purely spirit provided coincidence the material I use for the pre-school chapel had a wonderful lesson on how God gave us hands to help. It talked about Jesus touching people and making them well and explored all the other ways we can use our hands to help one another.

    Blessings on you all. . .

  36. Hey 11th hour gals,
    Freshly back and preaching at 5:30 p.m. today (Eastern time), it actually IS the 11th hour for me, but I thought I would share my little revelation which came (thank you Jesus!) this afternoon amidst cleaning and BUYING a new coffeemaker! What is up with the lack of coffee???

    Here's my revelation....Mary Poppins is Jesus. I'm focusing on "going on" to the next town....why does Mary Poppins go on? Because there's other children to help, and when she leaves, the family is supposed to take care of each other.

    We'll see how it flies...I have two more tomorrow if it's a bomber.

    See how I am already here when I committed to stop by more often on the cruise? And is anybody else still feeling like they're on a ship? Ugh.

  37. Chickpastor I am totally rocking and rolling.

  38. Chickpastor - I like it! Jesus as Mary Poppins, and when s/he moves on we're healed enough to be able to care for each other! Nice.

  39. snow is melting... rats! we might have worship tomorrow after all... i know, i know i should be excited, thrilled, motivated... whatever. it'll change by morning.

    my conclusion did come stomping in snow boots and all... disgusted that the storm was over and now town is just messy and melting... the quiet beauty gone.

    dogs are itchin' for that walk... better gear up.

  40. Hot Cup, by any chance did your conclusion bring mine home with it?

    Once again, I have a sermon in search of an ending. I think I'll go print bulletins. Maybe my sermon ending is hiding in the copier!

    My son is moping - 3 of the 5 people he invited to his Superbowl/birthday party tomorrow have cancelled. I suspect that the fact that he lives 35 miles from the town where he goes to school has something to do with it. I feel so bad for him. He really hates it here - he's making the best of it, but this very rural/small town life is so hard for my born-n-bred city child. It's hard to know that I am where God called me but still see my child so unhappy.

  41. Chickpastor, any chance you could pass out little cocktail umbrellas with that sermon??

    I will be part of the late night party today, but at least I got a start and sort of a direction. Went off to do home improvement tasks, now to exercise, then grocery shop, then come home and cook that food for a potluck tonight. After the potluck, I will be back!

    I am loving reading what all of you are doing with these tomorrow...very creative.

  42. Ramona, I have some delicious Fair Trade (Equal Exchange) dark chocolate with bits of carmel and sea salt - here, have some! and a cup of tea, too!

  43. Good evening preachers! I'm just back from a "working retreat" for our diocesan Executive Council--lots of good energy and productive revisioning work, but my inner introvert is EXHAUSTED; so grateful that my wonderful seminarian intern is preaching tomorrow.

    Love the Mary Poppins analogy!

    Going to check out the BE5 video now, and hoping to hear more about it from all y'all who went cruising.

  44. Love, love, LOVE the video--what beautiful voices, what a wonderful hymn. Thank you all for sharing it with us!!!!

  45. Chick Pastor, I love Mary Poppins, but I confess I was expecting you to have a revelation about how guacamole in Mexico has healing powers.
    Seriously, Mary Poppins has me thinking about Isaiah too. Why do we need our strength renewed if not to continue on the journey? We don't get awesome eagle wings just to hang out doing what we've always done, right?

  46. Hey Julie, welcome - and thank you for that resource.

    And Betsy - welcome to you, too! You are so inudstreous today!

  47. Hey RevDrMom - welcome! I hope you are able to recharge tonight - thank goodness for a seminarian!

  48. I have cobbled together something preachable. I have a church member who is dying and the family has exploded with drama which makes the grief and sadness worse for everyone. My asthma kid is back on steroids and breathing treatments as of yesterday. So for now done is better than good. I'll lean on the everlasting arms and trust the Holy Spirit to have my back.

    Blessings on your Sunday!

  49. You know what's worse than not having an ending? Having three endings that won't play nicely with each other! If they would just merge into one coherent ending, I could enjoy the rest of the evening.

  50. Back from the concert and finished with dinner. I'm going to look over the adapted manuscript and see if I can't live with it. Some weeks are too short.

  51. And Vicar, no doubt the Spirit has your back!

    Amen, Ramona....amen. I hope the ending ends.

    Back Martha. I hope the sermon is good enough.

    I started withba sustainable sermon and then cut almost all of it doesn't even resemble its former self.but, i think its good enough..

  52. How can something so clear in the morning get so cloudy by the end of the day?

    RevTSB, your New Mexico sister is pulling for you. Hope the congregation is wildly enthusiastic. May the winds blow in your direction.

  53. Good evening, RevGals! At 9pm EST, finally turning on my computer and putting on a pot for tea to start this sermon. All-day soccer tournament (including 5 hours of driving), so I'm leaning heavily on my sermon title to generate inspiration: "Sometimes You Stop" -- on the Mark text, retold in various voices (school kids, working parents, active retirees) as our own stories of busyness, and the need to stop to focus and refresh.

    Reading through the ongoing conversation, I'm encouraged to not be alone in Saturday night writing. :) LOVE chickpastor's Mary Poppins!

  54. Anyone gat a children's story idea remotely related to Pauls being "all things for all people"????

    Or maybe it will be some random other story.....

    Sermon wise I think we will front-load with some biography of Paul because I don't have much to say about the all things for all people bit....except that it is more about translation than putting on a mask and being someone who you are not

  55. Hey Gord! I hope some one has some ideas for you.

  56. Welcome, Rachel! What a day you have had....I pray the sermon writing goes well!

  57. ...and, because i am up at 5am I am calling it a night....but the tea kettle is on so keep the party going! Last one up get the lights, k? Prayers y'all.

  58. Terri, I like how you talk about the difference between heal and cure. thanks for that.

    Now...I have zero inspiration and even less motivation. I hoped checking the bulletin would give me something to work with, but I'm still at square one. having exhausted all of my procrastination outlets, now I have to stare at the blank screen until something happens.

  59. Done. Early morning insight fell by the wayside. A lovely day with Isaiah and time to clean the kitchen. You'll find the sermon here Wow! It worked. After many attempts.

  60. I'm back after dinner and some relaxing beadwork time. I haven't looked at my never-ending sermon yet - I'm going to read your offerings in hope I find the inspiration I need.

    Prayers are needed though - my 19 year old (bipolar) just called and revealed that she's starting to slide downhill. She's been doing so well using coping skills and mood management techniques - she's able to identify that she's going down and the triggers that are possibly causing it. But she's alone 1200 miles away from me and her fiance is at work all evening. She's trying to get transportation to the hospital and calling the emergency counseling line. I'm one very worried momma.

    It's going to be a long night!

  61. Oh, Ramona, prayers for your daughter for the help she needs right now, and for you as you worry about her. May you both receive peace in this moment.

  62. lots of prayers ramona.

    preached once already - OK - not great - hat tip to the preaching outline on working preacher - use it as a framework for the discussions on the ship. I will post it tomorrow. Used the Called to Serve/ Called to be Served as a both...and for us all.

    rector v. sick while I was gone so a lot undone to be caught up this week. so thankful to have had the quiet restful days of last week to charge up for Lent.

  63. Prayers for RevTSB and for Ramona's daughter...and anyone else who needs it.

    I am back, finally. After the funeral finished, I got settled in the comfy chair with the computer to see how far I could get on the sermon before I needed a nap. Seven hours later, I woke up. Ugh. Now groggy and squinty and gradually getting moving, I hope.

    I have grapes and chocolate to share...but oh the chocolate is much more tempting.

  64. I am thinking that this week the CT will be non-scriptural. We have a labyrinth painted on the basement floor. I also have a finger labyrinth on a piece of canvas. I think we will talk about why we have them and what they are for.

  65. Gord, I sort of think about the "all things to all people" as being able to speak the language someone speaks in order to be able to tell them the story. I tend to think about it like contextualizing the gospel message so someone can hear it in terms and ways and ideas to which they can relate. Is there some sort of story you could use involving different languages? Maybe even different languages' word for God?

    Ramona, My own prayers have been added to the many already shared for you and your daughter.

    I haven't been here on the computer all day, and hopefully won't be here long tonight. I ALMOST wrote this sermon Wednesday night. I hope I don't kick myself later tonight for letting my ideas sit instead of writing them down. I had a big full brainstorm not only early in the week, but at the OFFICE. Unheard of for me to actually make sermon progress during daylight hours and where I work. Bizarre. Anyway, I had my full outline, the part I usually have done by midnight Saturday, done before lunch on Wednesday. I haven't thought too much about it since, so I'm just hoping it still makes sense and it still preaches. I'm also hopeful that it's shorter than the last couple of weeks. I've been a bit long winded, but it hasn't been an issue. I just don't think I need to say so much! Anyway tomorrow is communion, so a little shorter won't hurt.

    Hoping to stay focues until midnight here, maybe earlier and hit the hay for a decent night's sleep. Decent for me anyway.

  66. oh Ramona, thinking of you and your daughter!

    I did manage to find another way to procrastinate--I went and pre-ordered Any Day A Beautiful Change, by one of our fellow RevGals (Katherine, who blogs at the site of the same name). It's due out at the end of March. Can't wait!

    Now, for real...have to write a sermon. seriously. Who knew convincing myself to just come up with 800 words could be so difficult?

  67. Hi, I'm finally here today, although I do have a sermon. I just <a href="”>posted it here</a>. I've opened a couple of yours in my browser for reading. Now (that I've watched a movie, while editing..never a good idea) I have to decide if its too late to color my hair. TV can catch me when I finally get to watch it. sigh. decisions decisions. Best to all the late nighters.
    Gord, if you are still checking, I got a Children's story from a a "hunger for the world" resource. I will put on an apron and set the table for the children and pour water in their glasses and talk about serving and who is most important, the people at the table or the servers... dunno if that is anything you can work with for you point.

  68. Praying for Ramona and your daughter and all else in need of comfort this night.

    Took a break to join a church family who had invited my husband and I out for a Chines New Year's Dinner. It was almost like being back on the cruise. Food just showed up at the table!

    Am thinking that Peter's Mother in Law needs a name. What should we call her? Ruby? Hazel? Helen?

  69. Marci, someone on twitter said they've named her Lois for the purposes of their sermon. I like Ruby, though... :-)

    ok, seriously. still 0 out of 800 words. this is getting ridiculous.

  70. Cracking me up, Teri. That was me last week.

    Another friend posted something on FB about being a Saturday sermon writer, only to have all of us who admitted solidarity to be shot down by someone who clearly thinks this is an inferior and unacceptable way to prepare sermons. pbbbbbbbbbt.

  71. Thank you for the prayers. My daughter just called from the ER - she managed to find a way to get there and is waiting to be seen.

    I'm trying to finish up my sermon, but I can't seem to find my way out.

  72. Glad to hear it, ramona. May you find peace and your way out. :)

  73. Hey.
    I thought her name was Thelma.... not sure why.

    We've had a fun day all about The Boy here - rec basketball and 7th birthday party. I have returned from BE5.0 and leave tomorrow afternoon for Preacher Camp so I had some bills to work thru tonight and now I'm settling into a sermon I fiddled with before the cruise - and I hate it.

    Added pressure due to it being Boy Scout Sunday and I would prefer not to suck for the people who are going to show up and be surprised that the Tiger Scout's Mom is in the pulpit. Seriously, some folks don't know.

    Digging the Mary Poppins and also the different voices talking about stopping.

    Wish the boat would stop rocking.

  74. I both with the boat would stop rocking and dread the day it stops, because that means I'm for real stuck on land until next January 28.

    Glad the birthday party was fun, KZJ!

  75. It's probably too late in the day to give you this hint, kzj, but ginger tea stopped my rocking boat a couple of weeks ago. Took me like 5 days to try it, but it worked with the first mug. Wonderful!

  76. Jan 28? We know the dates already? Putting in on the calendar. This year for real.

  77. Stephanie, the dates are the same as they were this year, but because of leap-year it's Monday-Saturday. :-)

  78. Ok - it's not a great ending, but I found my way out. Loaded to kindle and posted to my blog.

    I'm going to try to get some sleep while waiting to hear again from my daughter.

    Blessings on everyone still sermonating!

  79. On the calendar, Teri, thanks!

    Blessings on you, ramona.

  80. Ramona, blessings on you and your daughter.

    In more mundane news, I am 'this' close to playing the 'BusyBusyBusy' song sung by Kevin Kline off of Sandra Boynton's Philadelphia Chickens album.

    I can blame it on cruise brain, right?

  81. Ramona, so glad to hear that she is safe.

    I am down to a few more slides. I had no idea there were so many sappy pictures of eagles out there.

  82. kathryn, do it!! :-)

    I have half a sermon, and then I got distracted. back to it, I swear. I want to be in bed in less than an hour.

  83. I'm reading around (although not sermons, yet) and landed on a Caringbridge blog for a colleague of mine. Now I'm pondering our longing for healing and how we clamor around the doorways where we find hope. Seems fitting for us right now after a few weeks with lots of deaths.

    I have a hunch this sermon might be a bit of a downer, when it actually gets written. But that's not always bad, right?

  84. Semfem!

    Teri, I will - IF I can get it to play. I have taken a 90 degree turn from the original sustainable portion of this sermon program. It's getting late enough where I'm not sure what's helpful and what's... not. have. way.


    Probably should have taken this Sunday off instead of next one.

  85. Alright, reading thru this thing one more time then to bed - no matter what.

    At some point I have to pack to leave again before 2pm tomorrow. When is that going to happen?


  86. Ugh. my sermon has no end. Dramatic exit through half a line an option?

  87. ok, i finished something that has enough words to count as a sermon. therefore I will now go to bed, then wake up again in 5 hours so I'm sure to have plenty of time to stop at Starbucks on my way to church.

    night/morning, darling revgals! happy preaching/praying/presiding/worshiping!

  88. Hope all goes well for everyone this morning.


  89. Even though I slept from 3:30 pm to 10:30 pm, I just dozed off for a few more hours and woke up. Time to get this sermon in shape.

  90. Good morning, everyone. I have quickly read through the party and will come back later to read your sermons. Than you for the feedback, those of you who stopped by my blog. I'lll hold you all in prayer as you break open the Word tthis morning.

  91. Good morning, everyone. I have quickly read through the party and will come back later to read your sermons. Than you for the feedback, those of you who stopped by my blog. I'lll hold you all in prayer as you break open the Word tthis morning.

  92. OK. I'm back. I went to bed at a decent (for me, for Saturday) hour and let myself sleep a while. Now it's time to pound this out. I'm hopeful that the weather is good this morning for our local hot air balloon festival so my husband will take the kids to see the balloonn launch before church. That will give me a little more time alone than I usually have. It would be awesome.

    Good morning, Terri, semfem, and kzj! Glad I'm not the only one up!

  93. And good morning to you She Rev!

    I think I have 1294 words of a sermon that sort of, almost, kind of makes sense.

    And an idea for the children's sermon based on hands (great stuff on the Worshipping with Children blog). Going to flesh that out now and then go get ready for church.

  94. Both sermons printed and as done as they're going to be. Off to get ready for church. Grateful for others working early in the morning or late at night or both.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day.


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