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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday prayer for Epiphany 5/Ordinary 5

Holy One,
Hear our prayers oh Lord,
Our lives are often like an emotional rollercoaster in a runaway car.
We sometimes feel our lives are out of control and so we often try to get control.
We then grow weary and tired,
because just about everything we try to do on our own falls short.
And then we give up Lord.
We let go Lord.
We quit trying to be in control.

It is times like these that we need you Lord,
We need to commune with you, to become centered and whole.
We need to draw close to you, to experience your healing touch.
We need the support of one other, the love of one another,
 the encouragement of one another to remind us of your presence.
It is times when we commune with you that then we are lifted up on eagles wings,
Then we gain power for our faintness
Then we gain strength for our weariness
Then we who are broken hearted are healed
Then we who are wounded find healing
Then we find hope in his steadfast love

And Lord when we have received our healing,
may we then be a vessel for you to use to heal other.
May we go about proclaiming the good news to all
May our households of faith be a gathering of those in need of healing and forgiveness.

Cross posted at A Place for Prayer and Rev Abi's Long and Winding Road.

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