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Monday, May 07, 2012

May Meet and Greet!

it must be true that April showers bring May flowers, because here are some wonderful new additions to our RevGal garden!

Sami at The Road Less Traveled: "began this blog (formerly known as "Sami's Ramblings About Jesus") soon after I became a campus minister as a way to encourage my students in the everyday moments of life. What I found is that in the writing, I discovered a deeper Truth that spoke to me as well. Now that my campus ministry journey is over and a new one has begun, it seems appropriate to give my blog a new name. In this new journey I am relying less on certainty and security in exchange for true freedom of purpose and joy. Each day I must choose exactly which path I will take. For today, anyway, I choose Joy. Come along and journey with me."

Mihee Kim Kort at First Day Walking: "Colorado girl through and through. Ordained minister in PCUSA. Stay-at-home mom. Prefer thin crust pizza. Love snow. Can eat a whole Chipotle’s burrito in one sitting. Listen to Lupe Fiasco Pandora on runs. Like to fall asleep reading in bed. Get sucked into old episodes of Seinfeld, Desperate Housewives, HIMYM, and Big Bang Theory. Branching out from classical and learning how to play Counting Crows on piano."

Shuna at RevShuna's view of the Spey: "an ordained minister of Word and Sacrament in the Church of Scotland. I was inducted into the beautiful parish of Aberlour in Speyside in the North East of Scotland at the end of January 2010. God has called me to this parish famed for it’s shortbread and malt whisky. My vision for our ministry is to ensure the church is at the heart of the communities I serve."

Bre of Optophilia (love of opening one's eyes): "Follow along as the pastor lady (Bre), PastorMan (Ryan), and the cutest little PK (pastor's kid) embark on a trans-continental and transcendental adventure. We pray a lot (like seven times over the course of breakfast), love Harry Potter and Doctor Who, teach radical acceptance and hospitality, play with gender stereotypes, sing hymns at will, and eat large amounts of peanut butter."

Jenny of Called: "Documenting my journey of faith as a minister, mother, daughter, wife, and friend; seeking to follow my calling and learning to embrace the beauty that surrounds me." (aside: Jenny just sent her dog over the rainbow bridge--stop by to wish him a happy trip and to see adorable pictures.)

Alycia, also known as "ShakespeareDiva" of Tomato To-mah-to, Adventures of an American Girl in England: "She traded NPR for BBC Radio 4, JIF Peanut Butter for Nutella Chocolate spread, and the Manhattan skyline for the Warwickshire countryside - one woman's journey finding life and love across the Atlantic..."

Stop by and offer a warm RevGal welcome to our newest friends! And remember to add their links to your feed readers, as we've had continuing trouble with updating our blogroll...and if anyone knows anyone who works for Blogger or something, please let us know. :-)
UPDATE: yay! our blogroll is working and updated, so you can see all our blogs, arranged by most-recent-posts, in the sidebar! Be sure to check in regularly, as there's lots of blog-tivity out there!


  1. Teri, thank you for being the blogroll monitor! I hope people will bookmark my new blog with an old title, Reflectionary, now at Wordpress.

  2. Great! Wonderful to see the new folks!!

  3. Yay! I'm so excited to be here! Woo Hoo! I love being called a flower :)


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