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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday Prayer: Easter 5B

God of the wilderness
who meets us in unexpected ways
who journeys with us, our guide
our Hope and salvation;
We give thanks for all the blessings of this life.
May we love one another as you love us.

God you illuminate
the path before us, Jesus, beloved
Leads us into your truth
May life be bold, love!
We offer prayers for the Church universal, and all people.
May we love one another as you love us.

God you grow in and through
all creation, gentle compassion
bringing forth new life from the
Broken places, pruned, made new.
May we be the source of new fruit,
May our lives birth hope, inspired by your Spirit.
May we love one another as you love us.

God of peace and mercy
enfold us in your grace,
Release us from our limitations
Greed, bigotry, injustice
Prune the vines that bind us.
We ask for wisdom and courage, your perfect love to cast out sin.
May love one another as you love us.

God, heal us from despair
through your gaping wounds
Open us, enable us to have the courage to love
Scarred as we are by the trials of life.
We ask for your grace to heal us in mind, body, and spirit.
May we abide in you as you abide in us.


  1. Unfortunately blogger decided to change all the spacing of this prayer, tthis is not the way I created it. I hope it still speaks to you in this weird format.

  2. Terri, it looks fine to me, just like the one at Prayer Pals.

  3. Martha, I fixed it. Blogger has been doing this lately, whenever I create something in a word doc and then cut and paste it into a blog post blogger reformats it with extra spaces...I don't know why. And, it doesn't always happen. And sometimes it looks like it has happened in the "Compose" mode but when I publish its fine. I have yet to figure out a key to understand this inconsistency, I'm sure it must be something random that is being perceived in the translation from word to blogger....sigh.

  4. What I do not need: the email I just got complaining about todays service in a most unhelpful way.
    What I do need: this prayer.
    Thank you.


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