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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sunday Prayer: Proper 19B, Pentecost 16B


Gracious God
Thank you for the gift of life
for all the blessings of this life
For hope unexpected,
Grace always given,
and hearts always open
to receive your love poured out -

In your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Holy One Comfort and heal -
Strife between nations, cities, people
Anger birthed by certainty, entitlement,
due to justice or injustice actions.
Pain:inflicted - me, you, us
the cause, because or for no cause.
May your Grace, oh God, prevail.

In your mercy, hear our prayer.

God, Mother with tender strength
and mighty compassion -
Tend our wounds:inflicted as we are from
War - innocent lives lost, violence toward the meek,
Hate: - bitter, unseeing, closed, overwhelmed by
Other-ness, grief, abuse, hurt, change,
In all our broken ways, mend us and make us whole.

Be especially with those who have died and those who are dying,
for any reason, illness, famine, violence, war, abuse
Comfort the afflicted, tend to the weary, bless the dying, 
soothe the suffering. Soothe our suffering, for we all do
Soothe us as only you are able.

In your mercy, Hear our prayer.

God, Father enlighten all people to see as you,
Or at least to try to see as you, or at least to hope
to see as you do - with open heart, arms wide for
a full embrace of love and compassion
In you mercy, Hear our prayer.
God, Sister, God our brother
Open our eyes and ears,
open our minds and hearts
Fill us, we pray, with love. .
Lord, in you mercy, Hear our prayer.

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