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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

RevGals Helping Sandy Victims

Longtime RevGal Ann Kansfield is pastor of Greenpoint Reformed Church in Brooklyn.  The Greenpoint Reformed Church Hunger Program regularly provides no-cost groceries and a weekly hot meal to hungry people in Northern Brooklyn. It takes $6,000 per week to feed all these people.
With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Greenpoint Church is stepping up to the challenge.  They are feeding people, organizing volunteers, and just about anything else they can think of.  We asked Ann what RevGals around the world could do to help.  Here's her reply, in her own words, along with a photo of Rev. Ann doing some baptizing:
Yay!! This is great. Right now, the most effective and efficient way to make a difference is to donate money. The last few days it seems like everyone in NYC has donated clothes, cans, etc. We're planning on making hot meals and sandwiches for 200-400 people for the foreseeable future. We're working in conjunction with our city councilman's office. His girlfriend happens to be one of the chefs at our soup kitchen (yes, I was actually the one who fixed them up!!). So we're getting pretty good information about where the need lies for food. Our church building is small, which is another reason why we can't handle much inventory of "stuff." As things get sorted out, I'm sure that there will be a need for volunteer groups to come support the rebuilding effort. We're able to offer hospitality and housing for groups up to about 15 people. We also have been given use of a nearby church's parsonage in Bushwick, and would like to turn it into a hospitality center for work groups coming into the city.

Here's the link for donations:

People can send checks to the Greenpoint Reformed Church 136 Milton St. Brooklyn, NY 11222. I promise you'll get a great bang for your buck - we're a low overhead organization with minimal administration. (Read: low paid supposedly part-time pastors and one administrative assistant). But we get a lot of stuff done! Thanks for all your help!

Oh, I also forgot to mention, if folks would like to send Home Depot, Lowes, Office Depot, Costco gift cards, we can definitely put them to good use.
 If you choose to donate, please mention that you are a RevGal.  Here's a little video about relief work going on at Greenpoint and other NYC locations:

Finally: Do you know a church doing great work in the storm-affected area area?  Is YOUR church one damaged by the storm?  Let us know by emailing and we will share information. 

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  1. Mary Beth, thank you so much for providing this information!

    I'm in and continuing to pray, too.


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