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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wednesday Festival - belated edition

Hi Friends!!  I forgot my duty today, so I hope you will accept my humble apology and freshman effort!!

Pastor Debbie has a great idea outlined on her site for a youth activity: Box City.  The activity looks like a great educational experience for the teens as well as a great way to motivate people to donate.  BTW – I love the picture of the desk on her header… not coveting, not coveting.

Fruitful Words is writing about letters of gratitude she writes this time of year.  She has posted ideas for writing the letters and who to include.  Think FB Thanksgivings on steroids… seriously, I wonder who all I should be writing these to.  Who do you need to thank this year?

A Plug for a Girlfriend – My friend, RevBeth, has a fairly new Blog: Visual Verses.  If you have not yet seen it, feast your eyes on this.  Beth works with children and her blog reflects the need to explain scriptures to our youngest among us.  It is beautiful and touching – a blessing to me and I hope to you.

Speaking of the election - we were weren't we?  Here are a few posts about that today as well:
Deb and Mary Beth are each reflecting on the political goings-on of the last 24 hours.  They are each reflecting on the longer-term consequences of choosing a candidate and how it affects those around us.  

Ramona has a great tutorial on the different ways to pray – sharing this on FaceBook might just be just what someone needs to see today in the aftermath of last night’s election.

Lastly, Debra reflects on the election with her connection to the Religious Institute.  Is you are not familiar with their work or their nuanced pastoral letters in support of reproductive justice, I highly recommend reading them.  This will get you started.

I pray for RevGals daily and I am so excited to be part of the team - love ya, mean it!

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