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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Epiphany 4C

As we call it a day or watch Super Bowl...
You are invited to reflect on I Corinthians 13

 You are love.
You pour your love into us,
That enables us to love
In ways beyond our imagination
More than never having to say your sorry
In fact forgives!
You go beyond words,
So your love is saying I love you
And showing the love.
Showing your love to those we
Would otherwise pass by
And ignore.
Your love fills us up
And then pours out to
Fill the cups of those thirsty
For love
Thirsty for you.
You transform us
Your love transforms us
Transforms couples
Transforms families
Transforms churches
Transforms communities
Transforms our world.
Keep pouring your
Love into us Lord.

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