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Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday Extra: Technical Tips

We talk a lot of Bible and theology and church business and prayer around here with our Rev. Gal Pals. But remember, we are Rev. Gal Blog Pals. So this Monday, the emphasis is on the blog part. This post was inspired by a conversation in the Facebook group a few weeks ago about some of the more technical aspects of blogging.

That's me, working my blog magic. :-)

I've been blogging for about two and a half years now, and I keep discovering new, cool things I can do on Wordpress. Some of them probably aren't worth doing, except to make me happy that I accomplished something that day. Others do add to my ability to share and communicate through my blog. Widgets, for example, are something I think I finally understand. When I wanted to sell a prayer book through my blog site, I was able to put a picture on the sidebar with a link to the page with all of the book information.

Also, check out the cool rotating header at the new Practicing Families blog.

So, what is your favorite technical blogging trick?

What did you manage to do on your blog that made you think, "Wow! I am a computer genius!"?

What did you fail to do on your blog that makes you wish we still used manual typewriters?

Let's share some suggestions, tips, ideas and questions related to the more technical aspects of blogging. (Be sure to indicate which blogging platform you use.)

(from Joanna Harader)


  1. I'm such a blogging genius that I still can't figure out how to make the RevGals button on my sidebar any smaller; it rather puts everything else in the shade, lol!!

    1. Nik, which blogging platform are you on? Maybe someone out there can help. (Which reminds me that I still haven't put the new button on.)

  2. when I first started blogger, I didn't know anything, including how to cut and paste. It was fun to learn how to put pictures, etc., and links on my blog. But lately, I haven't felt like I have the time to learn anything new. I got a Macbook Air (and love it), but still can't figure out how to upload pictures (which are on iPhoto) to my blog.

    I have considered moving to Wordpress, and would love to carve out time to really learn the tips that would make it more professional-looking and get the word out.

  3. I've gotten tired putting pictures with my posts - finding them, taking them, loading them, etc. In fact, it became a stumbling block and stopped me from posting anything because I didn't feel like messing with the pictures. I've given myself permission to skip pictures for a while. I also stopped posting my sermons on my personal blog because we changed to a different blog format on the church blog. It was too much time and trouble to work it all up for one blog, then reformat everything for my own blog. I guess I could at least put a link on my personal one to the church one, so my sermons are sort of on both. Just thought of that. Next week. :)


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