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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Festival: Beauty

Recently I attended the presentation of three Doctoral Projects by D.Min. students at a nearby seminary. One Reverend almost-Doctor shared her reflection & research on the function of art in congregational life. As a premise, she noted that the Platonic understanding of the Divine includes the Good, the True and the Beautiful. The Church exhibits the Good in justice and the True in doctrine, but (she asserted) the Beautiful is often unattended ... and her challenge to attend to the Beautiful lingers with me.

So today, highlights of beauty around the RGBP community:

Beauty for the eyes of your soul in the artwork of Wayne Stratz

Beauty for the heart of your soul in a remembrance of a mother 

Beauty for the comfort of your soul in the reminder of transformation 
for a new heaven & a new earth.

Beauty for your home in this delightful headboard 

Where is beauty surprising you? How is beauty delighting you and drawing you toward the Divine? Share your links and comments!

Blessings, Rachel

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