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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Festival: You Too?

One of the deep joys of community -- both online and in person community -- is the recognition that we are not alone in our experiences of the world. Yesterday in the RGBP Facebook group, for example, we learned that many of us have had the experience of receiving letters that begin, "Dear Pastor, you're going to hell..." On Saturdays during the RGBP Preacher Party, we share the experience of last-minute sermonizing. Knowing that we are not alone is life-sustaining!

As you skim the posts sampled below, consider dropping a note or posting a comment for the RevGal(or)Pal blogger simply to share in camaraderie: "You too?!"

+ Jo(e) is ready for summer; check out the blogged picture and see if you share a love for the same recreational water activity.

+ Brittany recalls a job opportunity that was coded to indicate "men only." Many of us will nod at our computer screens in commiseration.

+ Sarah is either packing or unpacking; my house, too, is about to be filled with numbered & labeled boxes as I prepare to move.

+ Related to Pentecost, Sandi asks what fires have been burning within us -- delighting us with new imagination, calling us to new places. How and where are you discerning God's movement in your life these days?

+ Like many of us, Joanna is praying for Moore, Oklahoma, in the aftermath of a devastating tornado.

+ Jenny watches her daughter sleep in a hospital bed, and reflects on the heartbreak of love that is parenthood.

+ Liz doesn't like fudge. I thought I was the only one! (Her blogpost is, in fact, a broader commentary on the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, but it's the fudge that caught my attention.)

+ And Katherine is praying to St. Anthony for the rings she lost; if you see them, please let her know.


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