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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Festival: One Spark

What is it that gives you spark these days, that nurtures your hope, that teases out your smile, that soothes your soul to rest?

The question is inspired by a poem (by an unknown author) posted by Danny at Sunshine & Shadows, which includes these lines:
One song can spark a moment,
One flower can wake a dream

Perhaps the following stories, questions and observations from our fellow RevGals&Pals will provide the blessing of a spark to warm your spirit or inspire your courage.

+ In her kitchen, Martha shares the joy of a harvest from her blueberry bushes.

+ Julie at Water-Wings sparks a courageous conversation with the question, "If we cannot teach faith to children -- that is, if faith is self-taught -- then what role do we play in children's faith development?"

+ Theresa (Reverend Mommy) records an unsettling dream, and certainly our dreams -- both the ones that disturb us and the ones that inspire us -- are a significant source of "spark."

+ religiousandspiritual shares her morning routine, the activities that provide perspective at the start of her days.

+ Revdonna offers grace in her reminder that we are not called to be superheroes: not Iron Man or Wonder Woman, not even Almighty-Superhero-of-Faith.

+ And much like our recent RGBP celebration of St. Casserole's ordination anniversary and her spark in this community, Elizabeth (A Musing Amma) rejoices that we each have a role to play in nurturing women's leadership and in sparking change for the sake of one another, for the sake of the Church, for the sake of God's reputation as faithful & just.

Comment and share: what is it that gives you spark these days?


  1. Rocking my almost three year old daughter before bed at the end of a busy hectic day gives rest to my soul, makes me smile and gives me the spark I need to get up the next day and do it all again.

  2. Amen! That time is such a wonderful moment to reenergize & restore peace in one's soul.

  3. Sisterhood gives me spark! I'm an only child, and have always, always wanted a sister. Sisters who "get" my essence -- what it means to be a pastor, mother, wife -- are priceless to me.


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