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Monday, July 29, 2013

RevGalPrayerPals: Waiting for My Children to Sleep


I sit here and wait,

Damp with sweat and tired...

Waiting for the stillness that means they sleep. Oh, so briefly, 

I am tired to the bone, but I dare not complain. 

So many friends long for this task, but does not need doing in their house.

Many grieve to wait this wait one more time. 

Some keep this vigil, accompanied by the hum of machines and hospital sounds. 

And some friends have a life without this wait, which is also fine. 

I wait and I listen and I feel a connection to all those...

And to You, who keep this watch every day, for the whole creation. 

Thank you. 



  1. Julia, thank you -- this really "caught" me this morning... I'm saving it for future applications! bless you...


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