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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Prayer (Pentecost 10C, Proper 12)

Living God, Merciful Christ,
we turn and return to you
trusting that our prayers are not in vain.
Yours is the steadfast love we cling to, and
yours the voice we long to hear.
Attune the ears of our hearts
to your call, even
as we bend your ear and
whisper our prayers to your holy heart.

Be pleased to show your mercy
to those who are sick and those in pain,
to those who are dying,
to those who are weary and discouraged,
to those who live in places of violence or despair,
to those who feel they can scarcely breathe.
Comfort each one by your presence.
Do not leave us, your children,
to live without hope.

You name us, you call us out,
you incite us toward a purpose beyond ourselves.
Bless us with a glimpse of your vision, we ask,
so that our work in this life
may be encouraged.
Bring us fully to life and make us bold in faith
as we remain rooted in your goodness.
Trace our prayers with your grace, O God Most High;
this we cry in Jesus' name. Amen.

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