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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Festival: Frolicking in Friday Five

The Wednesday Festival is beginning late today, because my day has been full of campers: leading 30 ten- to twelve-year-olds on a mountain hike, playing name games & team games, striving after tie-dye perfection, and keeping homesickness at bay. In other words, working to create a sense of community & fellowship among young campers much like the community & "galship" that are so central to RevGalBlogPals!

Thankfully, no hour of the day is too late to start a galship festival!

This week's festival celebrates the creative community-builder that is known as the RGBP Friday Five! Teri got us started on Monday with the invitation to write our own Friday Five ideas, and these are the brainstorms that have been shared thus far:

1. Five favorite saints
2. Five favorite biblical friends
3. Your best canine friend
4. A recipe to share with friends
5. Work re-entry after vacation
(by RevAlli as a comment on Monday's RGBP post)

Five books: summer reading, work reading, food-for-thought reading
Five websites that we follow to prime our professional & spiritual pumps
(by Muthah+ as a comment on Monday's RBGP post)

Teri posted a Friday Five idea for sharing potluck recipes, and already shared five on her blog! Yum!

Given my location this week in an outdoor ministry setting, I'd add these five to our list for playful response:

1. What sight in the natural world takes your breath away, time and again? A clear night sky of stars.
2. If you have church camp experience, share a memory. I started attending church camp at age eight; the most impressive thing to me (at that age) was that we were allowed to drink as much milk as we wanted.
3. Church camp is known for its silly songs. Share a silly song that makes you smile ... or name a church song that you'd love to eliminate due to its theological "silliness." I laugh at The Billboard Song, a nonsensical camp song that seems to have gone out of style due to its reference to cigarettes!
4. What natural wonder of the world would you love to see? The redwood forests.
5. Have you breathed today, really stopped to breathe in and enjoy the outdoor air? Yes, while gasping for breath at the top of a mountain today.

The party may be late, but your ideas for the Friday Five have no deadline! Share your ideas here or link to your blog.

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