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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Big long posting on the Devotional

December 17 -- 2 Sam 7:1-11, 16 or
“For unto us a child is born” – up for grabs

December 19 – nothing and nobody –
Luke 1: 26-38 would be nice --
moved Jenee to Jan 6

PLEASE shout out in the comments if you choose to write one -- we don't need duplicate efforts.

Missing: the cover and foreword (in progress)

Missing: Bible version for some of you and a prayer to end it with.

In progress:
December 22 - Katharine – in progress with either 2 Sam passage or “For unto us a child is born” passage
December 27 – Susie of Sojourn Stories – in progress
Final one – Me and Jane Ellen (maybe) Tentative – in progress

I’m working on getting it listed at I don’t want us to run out of time. Here's the fine print:

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0. A scannable Bookland-EAN bar code automatically printed on the back cover (not applicable to one-piece covers)
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  1. Rev Mommy thanks for all your hard work. This has been a mammoth undertaking for you. As I flicked though today looking for my text I kept seeing beautiful pics here and there and they are something special.

    Sorry but there are a couple more corrections:

    I went through Dec 13th with a fine toothcomb and there are two slips I missed. :(

    1. (p 53)
    Today is the feast of Saint Lucia (also known as Saint Lucy), celebrated in Nordic countries.

    should read

    Today the feast of Saint Lucia (also known as Saint Lucy), is celebrated in Nordic countries.

    (move IS)

    2. (p 54 at the bottom)
    Some places there is no daylight at all

    should read

    In some places

    Jan 3rd looks ok to me :)

    loving blessings to you

    PS I didn't hear back from Mia - so use what I sent you about her if you are running out of time. I'll hang for it :)

  2. PS
    Found the bio and they are ok.(Both mine and Mia's too IMHO =)except see-through faith should have that irritating little - after see

    thanks :)

  3. I'll take December 19, Luke 1: 26 - 28.

    I'll have something e-mailed by tomorrow afternoon...

    I know NOTHING about this whole distribution thing. Do you need donations to help cover the startup costs?

    Thank you-

  4. The loving sister just suggest that if we remove the "2005" and "2006" and the day of the week, it would be good for more than one year -- what do you all think?

  5. On the other hand, if this works well, we could do a new one next fall. Just think what a highly anticipated item it could become!

  6. I'll do December 17 and get it to you this evening or tomorrow.

  7. I'm new to the ring and to almost everyone on it, but I'd love to participate. Shall I follow up on what you need for the 17th, given the overlap with the 22nd?

  8. I was planning to use the 2 Samuel 7 1-11 and 16 passages for December 17.

    Reverend Mommy--do we have duplications here?

    Let me know who you want to do December 17 and which scripture will not be a duplication.

  9. I am doing "for unto us a child is born" - the Isaiah passage. And it will be emailed by midafternoon/early evening at the latest. (For December 22nd.)

  10. Helen,
    If you write one, I'll work it in for after Christmas.
    Please use the "For unto us a Child is born..." from Isaiah. That way we will end sometime the week of Ephiphany -- after the baptism ones.

    Extras are welcome -- the more voices the better.

    Text, Include the entire thing and specify what version you are using.
    Devotion -- anywhere from 500 to 1200 words is good
    Prayer -- short and sweet
    what you want to sign it
    Bio and optional picture.

    My friend who has done bunches of publishing says that we could label this and state in an introduction that these are loosely based on RCL year B. Remove the day of the week and the year and then continue to publish for as long as Amazon exists. That way we can write another next year loosely based on Year C, then Year A. Then start over if we wish.

    What do you think?

  11. I guess the Isaiah passage "for unto us..." is getting doubled- is that okay?

  12. Absolutely no problem. One is before Christmas, one after. And there have been several duplications (well, a few) of the use of scripture, and each and every one is different. In fact, it's beautiful to see the differences -- and the similarities.

  13. great! Thank you. Hey, I hope you're feeling okay and finding ways to rest and take care of yourself. You're in my prayers.

  14. I say we skip the days of the week - (unless someone has specifically written something like 'this Sunday' in their text) but I'm all for writing a new one next year - with the proceeds to something that God gives us during 2006.

    And you promised we'd do one for lent too :)

    This IS exciting isn't it!
    I do hope it gets published early enough to get it sent to europe before the beginning of advent. I had the idea instead of a Christmas present for my mum (for example) this year, I'd order one for her and get it sent directly. It'll cheer her up no end as Christmas isn't her favourite time of year - I suspect it isn't for many elderly people as it can be so lonely. Course she'll disagree with (at least) my theology!!!

  15. Let us know if you need us to contribute for the distribution costs. And I'd say with the ring expanding we'd have no problem doing something for Lent. Our editors may want to take a rest and let someone else volunteer to edit that one?

  16. That sounds good for Lent. I'll help with the publishing stuff and layout stuff if someone else will do the collecting stuff and keeping track stuff.

    Also, my friend in publishing liked my other idea -- one called something like "Ordinary Time" for the 6 months after Pentecost and before Advent. That would be a BIG project, but we have plenty of people to do it -- if we each do three to five and assuming 50 of us do it. (Wow, 50, Wow. Hard to believe this has gotten so big) And 6 months is probably a good lead time to begin.

    BUT, we could just wait and see how this one does.

  17. I would be willing to contribute something to a later book -- assuming I have something worth saying of course.

    This one looks like it will be great!

  18. Rev mom

    that things about ORDINARY time

    I have to say this - whenI was writing about lent earlier - fingers poised over the keyboard my heart was saying - but what about that long stretch between lent and advent - that's when God needs us to shine.

    glad you wrote what you did - because it was confirmation to me. Sorry I wimped out and just said lent.


  19. I think an "Ordunary TIme" devotional is just what the world needs. SOmehow it seems that there are lots of different ones for Lent/Holy Week/Easter and Advent/Christmas/Epiphany but few for the in-between times. But one for the 50 days of Easter-Pentecost would be neat too (most I have ever seen or used stop on Holy Saturday or Easter SUnday)

  20. Amen to what everyone else said.

  21. Yep....though please do remind me not to bite off more than I can chew, my friends. As the original last I don't want to regularly sabotage a whole series of books by being too 11th hour to produce a decent contribution. Guess I messed up a bit this time :-(

  22. I can't remember if I mentioned that my texts were from the NRSV. (They were.;-))

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