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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday Roundup

Bad Alice hears David Bowie in her sleep. And prefers Legos over Precious Moments (like, who doesn't?)

Friday Mom writes about losing her head. Reminds me of the year I was camp director and after the first day I was assigned an aide to pick up all the stuff I lost in my path....

Jane Ellen writes about slacking off. Doesn't sound too slack to me. How much longer till ordination?

The Ice Floe which contains our favorite Polar Bear must have a new mattress. I hope it's comfy and she gets some good hibernation done.

Sue at Inner Dorothy sits under the Biliary Tree.

Susan Rose blogs about the Jesus Factor.

Joe had a call from South Africa.

Purechristianithink blogs about what's next for both her and her congregation. And is planning weekend trips!

St. Cassie posts some pictures of her yard (sadness) and the pee pee puppy (happiness!) He's a cutie. A real cutie. I want one just like that without the pee pee problem.

Mary Beth is insanely frustrated. Don't whack the space bar TOO hard.

Lastly, Hey Jules has written something breathtakingly beautiful about Jack. Something we all should read.


  1. Rev, I just wanted to say thank you for that. It ended up being a pretty unbelievable day over at FOF. Many people shared some really treasured memories with my readers and I think a few are finally taking those first "moving on" steps. And, to make things even more special, my pastor emailed me today and wants to use part of the post in his sermon Sunday. I am so touched.

    It was one of those days you realize why it is you blog. Now I know.

    Hope you're feeling better.


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