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Friday, October 07, 2005

we're famous

an excerpt from Cheesehead's blog today, about an experience at a conference 2,000 miles from home:
    At dinner I met this delightful woman who pastors in a nearby midwestern state, and ended up sitting next to her at evening worship. Serendipity? Fate? I don't know. The subject comes up of being "connected" to other pastors in ways that are supportive and meaningful. She says to me:"You know what? I found this blogging group of pastors called something like 'revgals'". The she proceeded to recall a very funny communion story that many of us have read here on a RGBP site.

    Gentle readers, I was so excited that I just about jumped out of my seat! "Oh my God, that's my webring!!" I said. I told her my blog name, told her to lurk at our blogs any time she wanted to.

    People actually read this stuff!

    Dear B: if you read this, be sure and check out the blogroll at the top of this page. You'll meet some of the coolest women in ministry (and a few men) and you'll be blessed.

Amen! How very cool!


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