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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday Excuses

Friends, I still hope to make the rounds sometime tonight but my 'get things done in the office day' became a 'try not to show that my ears are actually bleeding day' as our helpful, but gabby Property Co-Chair decided to kill the time it was taking to drain our hot water heater by TALKING TO ME!

I tried every trick in the book: I got up and walked out in the hallway with him... he followed me back in.
I used my cell phone under the desk to call my husband so that he would in confusion call me back on the church line enabling me to look busy on the phone... my Co-chair never left my office.
I asked him for sermon ideas as I earnestly opened my Bible and jotted notes... he gave me the suggestion of a fire and brimstone sermon COMPLETE WITH ILLUSTRATIONS!!!

I must now go home and be a Mommy and a supportive spouse... hopefully I will have time this evening to also be a responsible revgalblogpal.


  1. I think paying attention to important relationships *is* being a responsible revgalblogpal. On a day like this (I've had one, too), busy updaters should feel free to simply post an Open Thread for shameless self-promotion by our members.

  2. I've had people like that -- had to deal with, but half of ministry is being with the person you are with. Whatever. That didn't make sense.

    Happy All Saint's Day, y'all!

  3. I second Songbird! On both counts!

    For some shameless self-promotion, had to write "Before the Bells" this morning. It's the first time I've done anything remotely creative-writing-y in a while. Stop by!

  4. Will Smama--don't worry about it. I should have time tomorrow to do a round-up (unless my version of Gabby Parishoner shows up!). Songbird is right, as usual.

  5. I posted some pictures from Halloween--password required but I will send it to regulars and RevGals.

  6. I'm bound for Madison, WI for the weekend--writing conference up that way. Are any of our fellow revgals in that neck of the woods?

  7. Helen,
    That would be the revmom/cheesehead.

  8. Hey - I spent 40 minutes in a car with our version chatty parishioner tonight - thank goodness we had somewhere to be!


  9. THIS is a must read

    it's awesome


  10. I spent ALL of last week closetted with gabby parishioners, as I've already can only send deep sympathies and reiterate that though I do appreciate the round ups, they really mustn't be a burden to ANYONE...The ring is so huge now, it's really a challenge so sit light to it, everyone.


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