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Monday, November 21, 2005

What's up with YOU?

Hey y'all,

Just got back from Miami. It was rainy so I spent a lot of time working in my hotel room (and occasionally dipping into blogs!!)

Like for instance, Bethquick's thoughts about changing relationships. Really struck a chord with me because I am having an interesting shift in a long-time to handle? With prayer, apparently.

HeyJules is thinking about stewardship (as are so many of us at this point) and so is Luctor et Emergo (new to me, welcome!) And hey! so is Susan Rose. It's a theme, by golly!

If you haven't seen the dog-blogging at St. Casserole's place while she has been away, well you SHOULD! I'm writing in praise of my mom. And Nueva Cantora has a great sermon for the Feast of Christ the King.

What are YOU thinking about?


  1. 486 books sold as of 11:30 this morning. A couple of hundred dollars royalty to donate -- I'd really like to sell 1000 by the end of Advent.

    There's an article in the latest Wesleyan Christian Advocate about the book (Denominational Paper for North Ga.) so I anticipate at least a few more.

  2. I gave an update about the Children's Sermon on Sunday.

  3. I'm leaving town Tuesday for a Thanksgiving Vacation and have posted 10 of the things I'm looking forward to -- am wondering also what others are looking forward to!

  4. I'm having trouble getting up for Christmas.

    But there is also news about expectations!

  5. I'm contemplating Hopes and Fears, not so much of all the years, but for this moment in time.

  6. I blogged about not crying and finding my home yesterday

  7. I blogged about my little cat Truffle, who ate one of my anti-depressant capsules last night. If you're of a mind to pray, that would be nice.

    She's doing much better, is eating and drinking and improving every hour. I feel like I'm crumbling.

  8. I blogged about all the crap I have to do before this baby comes!!! Aaaaa!!!!!

  9. {{{ }}} to all who are in sad/mad/bad places.

    I am thinking about surviving the holidays with my Seasonal Affective Disordered funk trying to settle around thinking about some creative, personal way in which to practice Advent thinking about retooling my Advent wreath, which looked pretty swell last year but needs new candleholders. I'm dithering between purple and blue this year.

  10. I'm wondering who engineered this change from purple to blue? Parament manufacturers?
    (Grew up Baptist, still getting used to this liturgical colors stuff.)

  11. It does seem a little like a racket, doesn't it? Nonetheless I like the blue. The preparation of Advent isn't *quite* the same as the penitence of Lent. Plus a member of the church made me a gorgeous blue velveteen stole with glittery silver beads in the shape of the star of Bethlehem. Breathtaking.

  12. i'm anxious.

    why did i opt to start a new worship service in ADVENT, and what's more, the week after i'm out of town for thanksgiving??


  13. Purple! Purple forever! Sorry, the Advent color is not blue. :)

    Off to Mexico! ¡Adios!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and can you believe this Sunday is Advent?!?

    Pur-ple! Pur-ple! Pur-ple! What is it with this blue at Advent?!? I'm old fashion in that sense.

    The majority of inmates I work with have no idea about the liturgical season, so I always begin my sermon on the first Sunday: "Give me an A!
    Give me a D! Give me a V! Give me an E! Give me a N! Give me a T! Whatta ya got? Advent! Say it a little louder: Advent! What does it mean? It is at this point I usually get chuckles from the inmates because alot of them have never heard of the word--but it's a fun way to start the Advent season and learn about it in the sermon. One preacher noted it is a season where we are still standing on the edge--eager to celebrate Christmas in Christ's birth and still waiting for the promise of Christ's coming.

    I guess the big thing on my mind these days is how I will help the inmates learn about Advent in their life of faith at the prison. The other thing is taking care of my parents as they grow older. They still have alot of life, and between my sisters and myself, we are doing a pretty good job. I love them so, and every moment is precious with them. It's like my twin sister said, "Forget the Christmas presents, the greatest gift at Christmas will be spending time with you!" So I'm going to have everyone for the holidays. I'm thankful to God! Blessings to you all! Lydia


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