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Monday, November 14, 2005

Are you PSYCHED???

I am very psyched about the Harry Potter movie coming out this week. I can't wait to see Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort. I am doubly psyched for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in December (please let them NOT have screwed it up). In addition to all of our annual holiday traditions it is great to look forward to these two films.

Mary Beth provided a great roundup, so the question for Monday is simple:

What are YOU psyched about?


  1. In addition to Harry Potter and The Lion etc., I'm psyched about the art museum where we live. I just posted about it on my site. Being there was the first time I've felt like I was in an urban center since moving back to the Atlanta area.

  2. I'm psyched about boarding a plane for the Gulf Coast on December 30th, to give some pastoral relief where needed and otherwise make myself useful,I hope, instead of merely decorative. And I'm super-psyched I'll be meeting St. Casserole!!

  3. Well, I think you'll be having an exciting and meaningful around then, too, rm!

  4. I'm psyched that WG is going to be in her first High School musical this weekend. Little Shop of Horrors *rocks*!

  5. I am psyched about finding this blog site. Thank you for all the great laughs and ponderings. Speaking of ponderings, can anyone help me with getting my blog on here? Did the copy and pasted thing, but it didn't work. For some reason the web ring won't come on my blog. Got any suggestions?

    Peace to you all,

  6. Lydia, look in the archives here for July. The first post will be the instructions for pasting the code into your Blogger template. If you need further help, send me an e-mail and I'll try to provide further assistance.
    Once you have the code added, we'll move you to the members list and add you to the blogroll.

  7. hi Songbird

    I think you'd never be merely decorative. And imagine meeting up with StC sigh - there are times I wished I lived in the USA! (grin)

    I'm assuming that psyched means anticipating with a good feeling so I'm in for the two films, plus the Jane Austen one. They come slightly later here - suppose they need time to put the texts in -sigh

    I'm stressed about preaching on Sunday - my fine sermon is the wrong one, and I'm being challenged by him upstairs to be bold and courageous again. And I'm such a wimp

    PLUS son is home, grades are down, we've got some new ground rules - including limited pc time - and guess what daddy is working late, so I have to announce this, and then go off to my Swedish class. double sigh.

    Hubby did just call to say he might be able to come home at 5.30-7pm to supervise the homework thing - and then son could have the computer time from 7-8.30pm until I'm home (I taxi DD too that's why I get back late, the lectures finish at 7pm on Thursdays)

    so PRAYER and MORE PRAYER please.

    psyched and stressed ... not good

  8. Lorna, what's wrong with your fine sermon? Too soon to panic about that; it's only Tuesday!! Why don't you tell us something about the themes and what you think you aren't saying that you need to say? I'm sure your friends here would be willing to engage in some conversation. I know it always helps me.

  9. I am insanely psyched about LWW movie!

    We were in a movie tavern when the preview came on, and the waiter was trying to take my order, and I refused to talk to him until it was over. SOME THINGS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOD, and you better know if *I* say that, it is darn important to me.


  10. I'm psyched about going to NYC tomorrow; seeing the LD when I return to the Gulf Coast and then later, meeting Songbird! Yahooo!

  11. I'm soooooo psyched to be going to that totally other-worldy place, Disney World, this Sunday for an entire week with my dad, stepmom, sister, and our families. Sweet daughter and I were greeting people Sunday by saying, "The peace of Christ be with you. And also with Mickey." Cracking up over that stupid joke.

  12. Psyched to be going to the Middle East to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Well worth twenty hours of travel time!

  13. I'm really really psyched to be going away for a long weekend to a place with a beach to celebrate my anniversary with Computer Guy. It's after Thanksgiving but I wish we could leave tomorrow.

    I'm also very very excited to see my brother in law for the first time in 2 1/2 years a few days before Christmas. He's coming home from the Peace Corps. I also very very excited about meeting his new wife for the first time as she arrives in the US for the first time.

  14. I am psyched about an intercontinental Secret Santa gift exchange I'm taking part in with the Shipmates at Ship of Fools . They're a fun bunch. I'm much more excited by this than by our office gift exchange.;-)

    I'm also, of course, psyched by our book, which I just received in the mail...I will share that My Mom Likes It.:-D So give yourselves a hand!

  15. The Movie Tavern is a place where you can see a movie (for pretty cheap) and buy food (for very expensive!) It's typical bar food - burgers & pizzas - but also a nice selection of wine and beer, which we typically cannot get in the movies here.

    A good way to have dinner and a movie at the same time, if you have some extra cash to burn! :)


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