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Monday, November 14, 2005

Check out the store!

OK, I'm all a-flurry with short posts today.

Based on the results of the poll, I threw two quick new designs up at the store. Check out the "Yes Virginia" and "'Tis the season" designs and tell me what you think.

As you can see, I am not a graphic designer. Actually I used to do that but don't have any of the tools anymore. One thing I realized is that everything is black and white--should we use dark green or red lettering for the Christmasy stuff?

Also if there's a particular piece of swag you want to see a particular catchphrase on, let me know.


  1. And I'm wondering whether Songbird or rev mommy could change the pink T-shirt graphic on our homepage to one of the Christmas designs...

  2. I would love red or green lettering on any of these things. Also, if you put the sayings on something more feminine-shaped, I'll post one of those pics instead in the sidebar.
    And actually, one that says "front and back design" turns out to have the Christmas slogan when you click through, but not on the front page. Weird.
    And I would probably buy the little notebook with just about anything on it. I love mine.

  3. The baseball shirt comes in red, blue and black, but the lettering is still black. I could go for coloured letters, but even the black lettering is tres excellent.

  4. Yeah, our merchandise is limited with the new store. There are certain things that aren't available. I've put a RGBP logo on just about everything that has any chance of being purchased, I think. (There's some butt-ugly stuff).

    There's a zipper-front hoodie with raglan sleeves--I assume a design would either go on the back or be a small "pocket" design. I can add that to the store if people wish.

    Oh, and I haven't gone magnets and stickers--I'll do those when we get the designs/colors finalized. Notecards too--would people want one of the holiday designs on notecards? Might be cute "Christmas cards"...

  5. Can I just say that I get a real giggle out of the fact that we still have the thong on there?

    Tee Hee...there I go again.

  6. What, you have't ordered any???


  7. I would love a regular ol' t-shirt with "does this pulpit . . ." This would be a great night shirt. I would also go for the zip-front hoodie with "Yes Virginia . . ."

  8. I didn't say that, Sue! (wink)

    (Oh, Now I'm cracking myself up!)

  9. How about changing the thong logo to say "I'm too sexy for my robe"?

    Clergy or otherwise.

  10. OK, I have updated the store with some color!

    Also put the pulpit logo on a T-shirt and added the raglan hoodie with the Virginia tagline.

    Songbird, if you could update the photo on RGBP.

    And everybody go spend some dough for a good cause.

  11. Oh and tell me what you think of the color. Any feedback welcome.

  12. You gals are just naughty today.

  13. hey, how about light switch covers that say, "A Light Blazes in the Darkness" ?

    That would be such a cool way to commemorate our first book together.

    Here's the link to the switch plates:

  14. We Episcopalian/Anglican types need a thong that says "I'm too sexy for my chasuble."

    Of course, I might strangle myself or some parts of my anatomy if I attempted to wear a thong. Never mind.

    I just ordered my Yes Virginia t-shirt. Present to myself - yessss!

  15. "I'm too sexy for my alb" works too, for us Episcopal lay folk.

  16. I want to order something! But I have a suggestion....I detest chestertising. For us big busted girls, could you please do some of your designs on the BACK of the shirt instead of the FRONT? Just a suggestion cause no way in this world am I buying a thong!

  17. Tell me which product(s) and slogans, Mindy, and I will make it happen!


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