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Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunday's roundup a little late!

While I'm talking about ME, (was I?) I am looking for an "English" gingerbread recipe. If any of my English (or Anglophile) RevGals might have suggestions to share, I'd be grateful!

My most happiest blog-read this week came from Canticles, who HAS NEW HEARING AIDS! Wonderful ones! Gloryosky! This made my day. And I think it made hers, too. :)

St. Casserole & Grace find that hurricanes continue to overshadow all they do. May the rest of us be there with them. May we never forget. Songbird has had a nutty (see Nov. 13 entry), but don't think it was necessarily hurricane-related.

Carolyn is hanging in there. Send up a prayer for her. And CleverTitle makes me weep with her poignant writing about her loss of her mother. I am going to ask my mother the questions that she wishes she'd had time for.

I wish I knew someone named Hamish! Kathryn does. He came and disrupted her church service, and turned out to be a fascinating and thought-provoking addition. I think that Kathryn ("the lady minister") provoked some thoughts for Hamish, too.

Given that Ken and I missed church yesterday, I was glad to read JaneEllen's thoughts on the parable of the talents.

ReverendMother has a wonderful, wonderful shape poem called Navel Gazing. You must go to see it! And another new baby is on the way: Sister Christer is awaiting the arrival of a lovely Chinese niece!

Shield the Joyous has an aspirant question. Anyone out there have an answer? Or just an opinion? Or a virtual hug?

And finally, seems that maybe Rachel has found grace in a church of the same name.


  1. There's also a neat conversation potentially brewing at A Church for Starving Artists about how to balance aspects of worship that is meaningful for some and not for others.

  2. I meant that Rachel's church is named Grace - not Rachel! :O


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