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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dear RevGal and BlogPals

Remember that we have a companion website for the book

We will post each day's devotional there. We will also have a PayPal button (soon!) so that donations can be taken.

Please pass the URL around to everyone you think it appropriate to pass it to -- and post it on your blog.



  1. I remember saying I'd help with that, but I'm still not clear what I'm supposed to be doing . . .

    my books arrived. I got 9. three were reprints which means that I have three extras and will give them to the three English exchange students who have been coming to my cell

    I can't wait

    oh and thanks for the tip of the alightblazes website.

    I think I'd like to link each days reading to my blog (do you know what time it's set on btw)

  3. Yea Lorna!! I'm so glad your books arrived in time for Advent!


  4. I hear ya pcit - I said I'd help too, but forget what that means...

    Will someone please come over here and finish the #$#*$ newsletter for me?

  5. Hey, I finished mine, will smama. Now you must finish yours. (Of course, I still have a dramatic message to prepare for Sunday; so much for taking Friday off with the kids.)

  6. Oh our newsletter got finished. Then two days after it wsa copied the date for the Christmas Pageant was changed! Oh well, we will rely on word of mouth to ensure the changed information gets out there.

  7. Hmmm... We *could* share our "pastor's letter" from the newsletters. Just for comparison's sake. And inspiration.

  8. Hey, great idea reverend mommy! I just completed mine this morning. Where should we post them?

  9. Normally I do post mine on the blog but this time I did a listing of websites people might like instead of a "message". The message space was taken by a colleague writing about fund-finding for a Presbytery Youth worker.

  10. Mine was based on my first piece for the Advent book, so if you have the book, you'll know what I was writing about...

  11. Well, my second order (which ought to have been 6 but was in fact 1) arrived...but my first, for 10, hasn't....So NOW what do I do?? I could legitimately say to the second batch that they were too late...but the first order went out at the start of November...oh DRAT, BLAST and BOTHER. Another year, I guess we sort out Advent in August??

  12. oh rejoice with me!
    My 10 copies have now arrived, so all is well-ish! Still don't have enough, but at least most of those in the congregation hoping for a copy will be satisfied now. Phew :-)


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