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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

To Grandmother's House We Go...Or Not!

Although a quick trip around the ring gave me the impression that most of us will be home for the Thanksgiving holiday, some RevGals and Pals are traveling. Cheesehead is off to Dysfunction Junction (what a great phrase!) but our prize winning holiday traveler is--drumroll please--Rev. Mibi who is in the Middle East to be with family. Will there be hummus dressing in that turkey?

You last-minute types still scrambling for recipes should check out the comments on Friday Mom's blog and for some good Thanksgiving poetry log on to Reverendmother's site. Mary Beth's tribute to her mother may inspire some of you to give thanks for someone near and dear in your life.

Sarah Dylan is experimenting with podcasting. I've got to listen to this, but haven't done so yet. Lorna offers an interesting reflection on the origin of Eugene Peterson's translation The Message.

Hey Jules and Susan Rose are doing a new meme in which you take the month and day of your birth and look up the corresponding chapter and verse in each of the Gospels. What if you used The Message for this instead of the NIV or the NRSV? Maybe I'll try that one out myself.

RevGals sometimes wonder if their sermons ever make a difference to those who hear them. For reassurance, see Lutheran Chik's A Paean to the Preacherly. St. Casserole blogs about the significance of the anniversary of the assassination of JFK and asks "what are your marker events?"

And as Advent approaches, Songbird has a mini-rant on Holiday Madness. Something tells me that we'll have more of those as Christmas approaches.

Speaking of Advent, I bought extra copies of our book and have been selling them at church. Everyone has been very interested in them, and folks ask me to sign them! I feel like I'm on a mini-book tour. I hope those of you who are sharing them with your friends and colleagues are enjoying the same type of encouragement and support that I have.

Lastly, here is an invitation for those of you who I inadvertently missed today to let us know in the comments what's going on with you. Happy Thanksgiving RevGals and BlogPals!


  1. Headed to PA for what should pan out to be a really interesting Thanksgiving.

    Quick do I get my blog to show up in the blog roll over there on the right -->?




  2. Hi, girl.
    You should find you're on it when you read this.
    reverend mommy and I can both add members to the ring, but I'm the "manager" of the Blogroll. If she adds someone, I put them on the Blogroll as soon as I know about it. If I add someone, I do it at the same time. Thus, the occasional delay between one and the other! :-)

  3. I've been so unbelieving that it's T-day that I didn't even get to post that I'm headed out of town.

    And now I'm not sure what to post, since I'm giving The Book to my family for Christmas (but giving it tomorrow) .... which means my blogworld is no longer my own. GACK!!!!!


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