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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Welcome our New Ring Members

Friends, we turned back from our original Thanksgiving destination due to snow and ice, so I will first give thanks that my former sister-in-law has invited us to her table. And then I will take a few minutes to introduce you to our new Ring members.

girl at girl gone great has introduced herself in the comments here and on some of our blogs. Her most recent entry concerned Thanksgiving memories.

Dash Goes to Church joins in on the gospel meme.

James at Love During Wartime is a poet and has become our 100th member!

Soujourner at Life's Journey is a seminarian married to a seminarian. They're trying to navigate combining holiday traditions.

Singing Owl at The Owl's Song is a rural pastor who just blogged a Thanksgiving prayer.

Finally, we welcome Jeff at Philosophy Over Coffee, who has been a UCC blog pal of mine for a while now. He's kindly promoting our Advent Devotional Book. Remember, it goes right through Christmas and Epiphany, so it's not too late to order more!

If you have tried to join, but don't find yourself on the member's list, please send me an e-mail at and we will try to figure out what the problem is.

Enjoy your turkey, or tofurkey, or whatever graces your table this day!


  1. Gee, Songbird, you beat me to it today!! Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Got a surprise in the mail today!

    Since I only got the "bad" cover books last week I chose not to worry about getting replacements--after all the innards are still fine. But Lulu is automatically replacing them it seems. NOw I have four "good" books and 2 "bad" books to deal with. Actually I will offer to replace the others that people bought through me. If they agre then I will have 1 good and 5 bad.

    Hm, maybe my mother will get one as an Advent gift after all. (Sue, if you need some copies let me know, I'll bring them in next week)

  3. Thanks for the welcome.

    Hoping my guyness doesn't take away from the Galness.


  4. Hope everyone has had a blessed and lovely day!

  5. Jeff, you're not the first guy pal around here, so don't worry!

  6. Yay! A Thanksgiving miracle!!

    Thanks for having me : )


  7. Thanks for the warm greetings!

  8. Thanks for the warm greetings!

  9. Thanks, Songbird!

    I'd like to write for the new book, if you'll have me. I can take Nov. 23-29.


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