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Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like . . . .

Fairly light blogging this holiday weekend --if the RevGalBlogPal update notification is giving an accurate reading. Several of those blogging felt inspired to include visual aids. Check out the fabulous Episcopalian Santa pic at I Will Sing, Jo(e)'s Hair, which can function as a temporary retreat center when she needs it to, Quotidian Grace's lucious apple pie, and Natty's possible party dress. Now I'll just flop in my chair and recover from eating the last two pieces of pecan pie. (You have to eat the leftovers, they go bad otherwise, right???)

Be sure to check A Light Blazes in the Darkness as we move into Advent tomorrow.


  1. BLogrolling seems to not be working properly this evening. BOth the Roll here and on my blog are not showing updated blogs... Had to go through my whole roll to find our which ones had new postings.

  2. pcit, I wrote a dramatic reading for tomorrow morning with the same title as this post, right down to the ...
    My blog never shows as being updated on this Blogroll. I'm not sure why.

  3. Yeah, I updated and it didn't show up, although it usually does. Maybe the folks at Blogrolling are asleep after too much turkey.

  4. too...2 updates last night, and no sign of either.
    I can feel another post coming on,too..I do LOVE Advent Sunday :-)

  5. My blog has NEVER shown as updated on the list. Songbird & I both use Typepad...maybe that's the problem?

    I don't even pay attention to the "updated" feature anymore when I am doing the Sunday roundup...just try to scan as many as I can.

    I have a Thanksgiving post about our Mexican food fest - therefore did NOT participate in the Friday Five. No turkey was had by our family this year!


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