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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm in panic

my first book looked great.
I ordered 26 -- they look horrible.
has anyone else gotten a book?

I thought embedding the fonts in the cover would be good enough. I needed to flatten the image of the cover. The fonts turned out to be courier and unreadable. All will be well. the 60 books that were shipped will be replaced and all the others will be good, too. Lulu is very generous and kind. All will be well and all matter of things will be well.

Another Update:
The new cover is uploaded and tomorrow morning will go online. Any and all books purchased that have a bad cover will be replaced free of charge -- you will get a new book shortly. In fact, you can keep the old messed up book too. So you will have two for the price of one. Lulu was extremely good about this and I am impressed by their customer service. They will be printed out tomorrow and shipped ASAP. Thanks for your patience.


  1. No, not yet.
    What seems to be the problem with them? Is is something that could be corrected?

  2. Mine has not arrived, but it has been shipped. What doesn't look right to you rm?

  3. what to do? I guess, given the distance, that I need to place my full order at the word "go" or there's no hope of having books by Advent. had more or less decided to "come out" as a blogger in order to publicise the book at church, but if there's a problem with production, then maybe not. Please, those of you who are likely to get them sooner rather than later, keep us posted. Thanks so much...x

  4. Only placed my order on Monday so it is still being "fulfilled" according to teh website. My guess is that means they are being printed as we speak (well, read but you get the point).

  5. For those of us who haven't ordered yet, should we wait or will they be OK going forward?

  6. my books are apparently hanging fire in a FedEx facility in Syracuse. Waiting...

  7. I got mine in the mail today. The small white font on the cover is all squished together and unreadable. The cover actually looks so nice that it took me a moment to figure out what went wrong.

  8. I'm with Kathryn on this

    it will take time for the devotionals to get here overseas. I got notice that they were shipping part of the order yesterday. What I hope that means is that they are checking the quality and sending out what they can that makes the grade

    It's great that they will simply replace those that don't come up to scratch (thank you lulu for that) but it is a bit worrying when you live so far away and the shipping isn't that fast.

    Is there any way you could check up on this for overseas orders rev mommy

    oh and gals - let's pray about this too :) After all we want lulu to stay in business esp as they seem to be very ethical in the way they are handling mistakes!

    blessings :)

    Rev Mom are the contents good?

  9. sorry me again

    re-read your post

    does this mean that all the books that have already be shipped will be AUTOMATICALLY reshipped?

    (I was concerned that we'd have to wait and see and then ask for a replacement. This is ofconcern as I arranged for three to be sent directly to the UK as gift. I got notification that they were shipped yesterday - also dated 11th November but hopefully that's the new batch? )


  10. Mine were shipped today, well I think so. The e-mail actually says they were shipped on Thursday November 11, 2005 and then says that all items have been shipped. Translation anyone?

  11. MY BOOKS ARE ON THE TRUCK FOR DELIVERY! according to FedEx. Can I go home and wait for them? Can I, huh!?


  12. I hereby give Mary Beth permission to hunt down the FedEx truck and claim her books. :)

  13. I just heard from Lulu that mine have shipped, on "Thursday, Nov. 11."

    Apparently it's always Nov. 11 for Lulu (grin).


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