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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Romantic Evening

Remember when a quiet evening with your favorite partner meant snuggling and NOT putting together an elliptical trainer?

I am taking Songbird's advice - please people use the comments to plug your site. What did YOU write about?



  1. Well, I haven't added anything tonight yet (and might not, at this rate) ... but last night I did a nice extension of my heaven/hell weekend wonderings, and would love more people's thoughts on the matter ...

    And, if anyone has some lesson plan ideas that they could get to me in -- oh I don't know -- maybe the next 8 hours or so, that would be great! :-)

    Or maybe I should just get off the computer already .... sigh ....

  2. I missed last night's round up since I seem to have a pingless blog, but I reflected on the most recent episode of Speaking of Faith on Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa.

  3. I posted about my saints in honor of All Saints Day.

  4. Just a mini All Saints Day reflection that I received from this morning . . .

  5. HELP needed PLEASE

    could you just pop over and send some comments full of love and laughter to see-though faith.

    Today I wrote about being afraid to love - and after I posted I was convicted that I'm afraid - or unwiling - to love those who act like pharisees or keepers of the truth of the Gospel. Like the one who's been badgering me over at the site.

    So Rev Gals -do what you do best - love people into the kingdom of God :) oh and hold me while I cry for the narrow-minded ness :(

  6. hey the devotionals were shipped to me today :) yes yes yes!!!

    or actually it says
    Shipped on Tuesday, November 11, 2005 via Supersaver Shipping

    but I think they meant yesterday Tuesday 1st (grin)

    They'll be here in time ... yes yes yes (unless they end up wherever my book swap book from Mindy ended up ... but I won't think about that . I won't I wont!)

    excited now time to calm down by walking the dog - cold and miserable grey day here - I need a light blazing in the darkness

    blessings and love to all
    Today is the day the Lord has made - rejoice and be glad - be glad - be glad :)

  7. will smama, I once spent an evening just like yours. I could have sworn I blogged about it, but I can't find the post.
    Meanwhile, I'm puzzling over what to do with the lectionary texts for this coming Sunday, and that is the topic for my most recent post:
    Come on over and talk about it!

  8. Lorna, do you think that's the same guy who was commenting before, just using a new handle? I'm not sure why he's bugging you, but I would suggest that you ignore him. It's the only way to disengage a troll.
    I'll be happy to come and comment on other threads, but the best treatment for this guy is no treatment at all.

  9. hi songbird :)

    Yeah I'm not calling the posse (sp?)in to argue with my new friend - I've asked him to discuss it on his own blog IF he chooses

    and if any more hate mail comes I'll delete it

    but my blog could sure do with some love and laughter, colour and life over there right now.

    Am I right to worry that people who read my blog might be hurt by what's been said even if I can (can I deep down?) shrug it off. I know that many have bit their lips to stop hitting back and that's good.

    Off to check the ip address to see if these guys are the same or simply clones! :) what a thought

    ANYWAY ALL WELCOME. esp those who bring chocolate left over from hallowe'en. (grin)

    PS any news on rev mommy and atrophy?

  10. Lorna,

    I just went through and found the posts in question. Good grief! I'm so sorry you have to listen to such unChristian aggression and hatred. Because hatred, anger, and vindictiveness is what comes through on his posts. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  11. I didn't post yesterday, but on Monday I posted about feeling better. Yippee.

    I don't ping, either. :-(

  12. Oh Lorna, how terrible. I read the posts written by your troll, and I was moved by your graciousness.

    Keep up your fine ministry! Don't you have a break coming up? I seem to remember that you were planning to go away for a bit. Think about how great that respite will be -- that's bound to bring a smile.


  13. Lorna, you are right that his viciousness does do damage, but your witness can help to heal or ammeliorate that damage. Our churches often suffer from the same kind of damage, the degree depending on how those around this angry one handle his attacks. I'm pastoring a church suffering from years of this stuff. Fortunately on the internet, there's delete and block. Peace---

  14. I wrote about what's possibly my favorite feast day, All Saints. It's a longish post, because I included a fantastic liturgy I stumbled across, calling on a vast array of men and women through the ages.

  15. I posted a bit on our Halloween and the weekend leading up to it. As an addendum, I've discovered that my kids don't like chocolate with nuts! I get all the Snickers bars! Yea me!

  16. I couldn't contain myself; I'm a sucker for a troll. I posted on Lorna's blog - just a wee reminder about how words without love are like clashing cymbols - and signed it with a big fat "Rev. Katherine." If our friend follows the link to my blog, I'll simply erase each and every comment s/he leaves.

    I hope it doesn't bother you, Lorna, that I responded- if you'd rather I hadn't, I wouldn't be offended in the slightest if you deleted my comment.

    Meanwhile, I'm contemplating my former life as a poet, and how aligning myself with institutional christianity has affected my writing. Or something like that.

  17. I was tempted, too, Katherine, but I think your comment was much more elegant than mine would have been :). I noticed that the troll doesn't allow comments on his blog--guess he's really more interested in a monologue.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Gee...I wish I had 1)a partner, 2)a quiet evening and 3)an elliptical trainer (in that order)...;-)

    Lorna, I wind up always taking troll-bait, no matter how hard I try not to. I finally had to put a post-it on my desk, "Never Argue With the Insane";-)...and even then I wound up having to completely disengage myself from one forum that I'd been a regular on for years, because it was just getting too mean and turning me into someone I didn't want to be.

    (PS Thanks for the bread recipe!)

    I'll have to check out your blog today.

    What I wrote about...instead of writing something all theological and churchy about All Saints Day I wrote about my Grandmother Erna, one of the lesser-known saints of light.;-)

  20. I posted about my Halloween alone at a retreat center in the woods...(cue scary music and maniacal laughter)...

  21. I'm starting my Advent planning, and have posted this question over on my blog -- do you sing Christmas carols during Advent?

  22. Ack, ack, that man called me Satan's helper! at least i accomplished my objective to avert some of the vitriol from Lorna.

    Pray for me, please, because apparently I'm going to burn in hell. My parishioners are not going to be happy about that.

  23. Oh, Lorna, just ban that dude already!

  24. Lorna, dear, there is a satanic presence on your blog. I think you need to ban him. He needs lots of prayer, but there's no reason to allow him to spew filth all over your beautiful blog.

  25. Lorna,
    Judas (or No King But...) is a twit. HE obviously is spoiling for a fight--with someone who he obviously doesn't respect anyway. As I have often said to myself when reading e-mail "delete is my friend". Say it enough and it becomes like a mantra, very calming. Come to think of it I used to find the same thing about chopping wood while working at camp (so what if I would name the logs from time to time). :)

  26. There's no question that it's tempting to argue with the trolls, but it profiteth us nothing. He is adhering to some strict and antique interpretation of scripture, and while it's tempting to tell him that many scholars don't believe Paul wrote 1 Timothy himself, what would be the purpose in continuing to feed him? If you have the capacity to ban him, I would certainly do so.

  27. Ah for Pete's sake, the troll has been joined by a comrade troll at my husband's blog.


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