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Friday, November 25, 2005

RevGal Friday Five: Leftovers

It’s the morning after Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and I apologize in advance to our international friends for this parochial Friday Five. But I’m relaxed after all that tryptophan and can’t think of much else. Thus, the Leftovers.

1) Did you cook or bake anything for Thanksgiving?

2) How was it received?

3) Anything left over?

4) What's the best use of Thanksgiving leftovers you have ever seen?

5) And the worst?

(And a bonus question: Do you think maybe I like pumpkin pie?)


  1. We had a friend invite us over, so I baked some bread and took it over. We ate the whole thing.

    They sent us home with leftovers. I'm a big fan of turkey hash, which probably looks awful but tastes great. And I'm going to bake more bread to go with it.

    We also had sweet potato pie. I've never had that before-- it was yumtastic!

  2. I made two pies, (one pumpkin, one pecan), and cranberry sauce the day before. All well received. We have lots of leftovers since there were only four of us and food enough for 10. Some of the turkey scraps went to the cat. Today we attend a "bring your leftovers" afternoon potluck at the home of some friends.

  3. Yum! Thanksgiving! But, no I didn't cook. Grandma still spoils us. We eat at noon and then work on the leftovers for the next 2 days.

    There is a great turkey/cheese casserole thingy...but you have to like velveeta.

    Worst? Whatever "turkey" dish you are eating on Day 6.

  4. We were invited over as well, so what we have left is pie. Lots of pie (pumpkin and pecan).

  5. Thanks for the correct spelling of _tryptophan_ , a word I've frequently heard but never, never seen in print.

  6. We were invited out yesterday -- so I did the whole shebang today. Less stress today for some reason.
    I cooked the turkey, dressing, cranberry stuff, sweetpotato stuff, green bean stuff, whipped mashed potatoes, gravey and purchased three pies. I never got around to the zuchinni.
    It was received well and yes, lots of leftovers.
    We usually make a Turkey based gumbo the next day. And it's usually the turkey that has seen the 6th or 7th resurrection -- whatever it may be that is the worse.

  7. we eat turkey at Christmas. Last year I wimped out and bought two turkey breasts so we only had turky on Christmas day (warm) and on boxing day (cold). We eat at in-laws on Christmas eve (will blog about Finnish food nearer Dec 24th) and there are leftovers from that too.

    I think the worse left overs are stale bread and buns. I hate that.

    I wonder too why we always worry that there won't be enough food. It's never happened yet. And prob never will.

    Do kids in the US like traditional thanksgiving food. It seems to me that in europe the food we eat at Christmas is an acquired taste and kids generally don't enjoy the food until they are teenagers.

    as for DD well - least said the best!

    be blessed :)

  8. Lorna, I agree. I think this was the first year I looked around and realized none of the kids were being picky (youngest cousin is 9). It takes some time to grow into Thanksgiving.

  9. I blogged about this a bit at my own place...I wanted to avoid the culinary and dietary minefield of pie crust, LOL, so -- inspired by the sweet potato crisp at Damon's --I made a pumpkin crisp. All I did was make the Libby's pumpkin pie recipe on the back of the can (I tinker with the spices because I don't like cloves -- I use nutmeg and allspice instead) and pour that into a square baking dish. I baked that until it was just starting to set up -- the edges were getting a bit solid, the middle was less liquid and more like a pudding -- and then added the topping we use at our house for apple crisp: oatmeal, (dark) brown sugar, flour, butter, cinnamon, salt. I added pecans because it's a holiday.;-) And then I continued to bake it until the pumpkin was solid and the topping was brown and carmelized. (Yeah...lots healthier than pie, LOL.) Anyhow, this is a keeper, and I think I'm taking some to my next potluck.

  10. That's a great idea, lutheranchik! I have a tupperware bowl of leftover pumpkin pie filling (uncooked) in the fridge. I made our pie in an aluminum tin and couldn't use it all (not deep enough) and have been trying to figure out what the heck to do with the leftovers. Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. mmm sounds lovely :)

    be blessed as you bake and eat ! God is so good to us isn't He?

  12. i spent thanksgiving at my brother's. finally updated my blog with some thoughts about an unfortunate event that happened during the time. also posted the promised picture of my first quilt top.

  13. WE had a parade today! Check out my blog for pictures.


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