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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sleigh Ride 'Round the Ring - Advent 1 - Keep Watch!

Please excuse this Lectionary Freak... Just be glad that since this is all typed, I cannot make you all sing O Come, O Come, Emmanuel every Sunday from now until Epiphany. I use the verses as part of our liturgy every year because it is my favorite and friends, because I can.

Enough - shall we sleigh around the ring?

Bride without spot gives us an honest and open view into her soul. She ends by asking, "Why do we fight the Lord's work in our lives when we know it will bring us into perfect peace?"

Chaplain Mom gives us a blog-eye-view into some of the Thanksgiving trappings where she lives. Sounds like she and I have some things in common where in-laws are concerned.

Gord has got some news!!!

Kathryn at Good in Parts posts on ecumencial unity. It's got a ring to it, doesn't it?

Have we officially welcomed Luctor Et Emergo yet? It means: "I struggle and I emerge."

Susan Rose challenges us with a blog quiz about her life.

Joe at Pondering Perfection has a couple of posts about bettering ourselves professionaly, spiritually and personally.

Lorna at see-through-faith has been reading, translating, teaching and studying herself silly - come read what one of her students shared.

Sister Christer also quizzes us about her AND is going to the beach to knit. Unfair! I mean, have fun!

Telling Truth posts about Right Guard and in an older posts mentions the Jars of Clay cd that you CANNOT stop listening too. Old hymns with a twist - this ain't your mother's worship cd.

Finally, I apologize if she has already been introduced but please go check in on Diary of a 20-something Youth Pastor's Wife. I have ALWAYS considered this the hardest job around.

Peace my friends and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. A Happy Thanksgiving to all our American RevGals. Have a wonderful holiday!!

    Me? I'm thankful for all of you.

  2. oh will smama I LOVE O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - it's my absolute favourite - and we never sing it - except at the carol service. :( Can you record your services and send me my advent fix.

    I also grew up with the advent hymn 'like the dawning of the morning' but I can't find the words anywhere on line ... I don't know if I actually liked it that much, but it does have important memomories from boarding school assemblies during advent.

    I am so grateful to God for you guys :) You've been a life-line. I've cried with you and there's been a lot of laughs too.

    Abudnant Blessings as you all gather to thank God for the past year!

  3. I too am thankful for my new friends at RevGals. Thank you for the warm welcome and encouragement.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I am thankful that although I've had a few Jekyll and Hyde moments (and posts) lately, I am back to Jekyll.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hugs to( TGlaser = tnqr Rev). Welcome to the ring!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I have my students (I teach 3rd grade at a small Catholic school) sing "O Come O Come Emmanuel" every morning as our prayer during Advent. It's a beautiful song.

  7. To Lorna

    I loved the hymn "Like the dawning of the morning" when I was a child. The words were as follows :

    Like the dawning of the morning
    on the mountain's golden height
    Like the breaking of a moonbeam
    On the dark of cloudy night
    Like a secret told by angels
    Getting known upon the earth
    Was the mother's expectation
    of Messiah's holy birth

    Thou wast happy blessed Mother
    With the very bliss of heaven
    When the angel's salutation
    To thy raptured ear was given;
    Since the "Ave" of that midnight
    When thou wert anointed queen
    Like a river overflowing
    Has the grace within thee been.

    Old fashioned perhaps, but very beautiful.

    Wishing you a blessed Advent and a happy Christmas.

  8. Lorna, I also have memories of singing the advent carol at boarding school after boarders supper on a Sunday night - one of the few highlights of that time! Anonymous only gave you the first two verses. There is a third which I now give you. 3. Thou has waited, Child of David,
    And they waiting now is o'er;
    Thou has seen Him, Blessed Mother,
    And wilt see Him evermore!
    O His Human Face and Features,
    They were passing sweet to see;
    Thou beholdest thgem this msoment,
    Mother, show them now to me.
    (Fr. Faber, Oratorian ±1863)

    I also have the piano music to it, should you want it.

  9. Lorna. Apologies for my typing errors but Anon also made a mistake. In verse one the word should be GLOOM, not dark.


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