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Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday, only slightly manic

Greetings to all -- I'm excited to be doing the round-up and only slightly nervous! I never realized the magnitude of the task until I started deliberately reading through the ring! Hats off to all who have been keeping us so well-informed these months!

Faith or Fiction has a great link to a Spiritual Gifts inventory for Monday Night Thoughtball.

Mark at Stumbling Toward Divinity celebrates a friend's ordination and ponders his own future.

What Christmas Carol Are You? There are a few links to this quiz around, but I only jotted down two -- Revamy and monday morning letters -- my apologies to the at least one other posting!

And speaking of Christmas carols, Finding Avalon intersperses her blog with lines as a refrain.

Jo(e) shares what the students learned this semester -- and I'm thinking about keeping some index cards of my own to pull out on occasion, if only to remind myself that I keep learning!

Thinking about reading and writing? So are A Thing With Feathers and Another Country.

Reverend Mommy's random thoughts drift to physics, math and higher theologies

Have you seen Narnia? Brother Terry, Church for Starving Artists, Bethquick and Micahgirl share some of their thoughts.

And, last but not least, the blog that made me laugh out loud: any day a beautiful change.


  1. ..and i'd like to hear from revgal knitters!

  2. I saw Narnia too!

    Anything to take my mind off the gestation waiting game.

  3. Thanks, Pink Shoes, for joining the ranks!
    When do I get to go and see Narnia? Probably not until Friday. Sigh.

  4. Narnia doesn't show here until Christmas Eve - so it'll be between Christmas and New Year for us :)
    Same for Jane Austen which I'm also looking foward to.

    Thanks Reb for the round up.
    If I might add there's been quite a lot of discussion on one of my posts called heresy, sparked off because someone wrote off emergent Christianity more or less along the lines of JWs and LDS and I ranted (blush). God really does work things for good though as the comments over there are encouraging and fun too :)

  5. My Dec. 12th blog post continues to make me laugh out loud, too. My husband and I have an ongoing squabble about who is funnier, but he has definitely taken the lead with this one.


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