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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy St. Lucia's!

To everyone, but especially to Lorna in Finland!


  1. wow! you did that especially for me !!! That is SO lovely. Thank you :)

  2. Wow... it's a little sad how completely I associate St. Lucia with Kirsten, the American Girl Doll. I really need to read up on this saint so I have a wider frame of reference.

  3. Nothing wrong with learning about a saint from Kirsten! Think of all the little girls who might be more interested in saints from reading the AMerican Girl books. I did a Saint Lucia workshop as part of our Advent education Sunday, and got at least one little girl who came because of her Kirsten doll.

    She moves in mysterious ways.

  4. Happy Sankta Lucia Day! Did you have the sweet rolls today, Lorna? Do they do the wreath headdress and all? At my PH's home church in Chicago (Swedish Covenant), they make quite the fuss. My little niece (7 years old) with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, makes the perfect Lucia!

  5. God Jul!

    You may enjoy the tribute to St. Lucia on my interactive Advent Calendar.. click on day 13

  6. Hi mibi

    In the Swedish congregations Lucia is a big thing. except our local church. We made the decision 10 years ago or so not to, I think in part because the Cathedral of Turku (home of the archbishop of Finland) has a very big celebration.

    That said because of double bookings in churches the English carol service (nine carols and readings) was held last night too. And the church was PACKED! The most we've ever had. It's held in a modern church on the outskirts of town because it has intentional space for fellowship afterwards (gloggi and gingerbiscuits)

    But our church owns quite a few apartments in the city -mostly in one block. Three of the young women in church - got up at 5am yesterday morning and by 6am were going around every appartment in the block singing "Santa Lucia" They dropped off gingerbiscuits and yes they were dressed in white and one had a candle wreath while the others carried candles.

    At school the choir did the same thing from classroom to classroom. It really it lovely. And brings some light and joy - though maybe not at 5am :)

  7. I will admit that before reading any of the blogs this week, the American Girl books were my only source of knowledge about St. Lucia .....


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