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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mistletoe and Holly

Amazing that so many folks are finding blogging time as the season really begins to kick into high gear.

Two Pastor Amys sharing insights: One here about New Pastor Syndrome and one here on which Virginia is unclear on the status of clergywomen. Two bloggers we have not heard from recently, Susie and Pastor Anonymous, have tiptoed back into the ring while we weren't looking.

Reverend Mommy shares a memory about a Christmas lurker. The Big Dunk includes a story about imperfect renditions of classics: Handel's Messiah and the combination plate at her favorite restaurant.

Lorna and her commenters are discussing the nature of heresy. St. Casserole and Playing Tag with God discuss the Williams execution.

And Mary Beth asks for prayers for the family of Jordan, fatally injured in an accident.

1 comment:

  1. HAVE TO share this

    Remember how I fretted the devotionals would arrive too late?

    Well Today three devotionals arrived. These were the very first order I’d placed! They took six weeks to get here. They all have duff covers and their replacements arrived three weeks before they did.

    I see the hand of God in this!

    (full story over at my place)

    Rev Gals and friends - we serve an amazing God. Nothing is too small for Him to take care of . Even packages to Finland :)

    Praise Him !!!


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