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Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's an icky icy day on the East Coast....

but it's looking a lot like Christmas!

UPDATE on the quiz at A Church for Starving Artists. It seems that 79 percent of the people who visit her blog are going to church on Christmas Day -- a RevGal blog .... lots of RevGals who visit ..... Women clergy going to church on Christmas Day.... Hmmmm.....

Mary reflects a little about her recent deafness.... and her return to normal. I'm glad it worked. As someone who has lost some hearing, I know how difficult it can be.
Katherine teases us with a blub about her worst hair day ever, but doesn't post pictures. Sheesh. Now I'm dying to know....
Beth Quick rings bells for Salvation Army.
At A Blanket in the Grove there is a posting about something called "The Full Plate." Intriguing. Also, there is some closure on her creche controversary.
Cathy's school was broken into.
Terri posts about cultural differences -- ie. being tired.
Dash post intuitively today about bearing a flame.
Gord thinks some thoughts about Christmas and starts smacking penguins. Not necessarily in that order.
Grandma Jean weighs in on the closing Church on Christmas thingy.
Jane Ellen gives us the low-down on her short blogging break and makes snowflakes.
Sophia does not have whooping cough (thank goodness!) and is helping to make All Sweets Cathedral out of Gingerbread.
The Ice Floe seems to be very cold.
Sue post some snow day pictures.
jo(e) spends a day with the daughter.
Sojourner is having a bad, sad spell. {{hugs}}
Richard misplaces his brain.
Lutheran Chik ponders cats and the hiddenness of God. And weighs in on the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays thingy.
Jean does not pass on the Peace and Susan Rose thinks peace is the word.
Steph asks for prayers.
The Singing Owl reflects on Advent Joy.
Joe gets a GO!
Will Smama deliberately turns from the bitter bug and blogs on what she loves. {{hugs}}
Grace says that programming an iPod is not rocket science. And it isn't.
Gallycat rants. A little.
Caroline, Natty and Mary Beth blog a potpourri of small postings.
Lorna continues the conversation with a comment about emergent.
Songbird post pictures of her lovely Advent stole and tells the story of not having to cook on Christmas.
St. Casserole remembers the family of John B. Nixon in prayer, as well as the families of his victims.
Ann remembers those killed in Iraq this week.
Yoda Beth has a lengthy, rambling, discourse on piano fiddling.

Silly things going around
What Reindeer Are You?
What Christmas Carol are You?
Smack a Penguin
Santa Ski Jump
Slingshot Santa
Flash Nativity

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  1. Thanks for the great update reverend mommy. You didn't mention your biopsy in the round-up, so I would like to encourage everyone to stop by your blog and to pray.


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