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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sleigh Ride 'Round the Ring - Advent IV - Mary's Song

Twas twelve days before Christmas
and all through the blog
People were writing
and drinking eggnog.

Well, I wish I had the time to do my sleigh ride around the ring in honor of that great poem - which was read to me by my grandfather at more than one Christmas. However, due to time constraints and my desire to be quite thorough I shall not post in prose (tear wiped from corner of eye).

First the MEMES:
There is a 5 random facts meme going around. Players include bad alice who's name is not really alice and also has a couple of prayer requests, hazelnut reflections who explains her blog name, and rev-to-be-mibi who once ran for political office. I am sure there are more that I didn't scroll down to and I know there will be one more (as soon as I finish this).

Which reindeer are you? is being played bybride without spot.

Which Christmas Carol are you is being played by grace and will smama. I know I saw it in other places too, but those are who have done it most recently.

Natty introduces what I think will be the NEXT BIG MEME: What Hit Song of 2005 Are You?

Will you be worshipping in a church on Christmas Day? This is what Jan asks in an official poll. So far %73 say yes.

Another Country shares how reading the Narnia series to his daughter changed his view of C.S. Lewis... somewhat.

JWD at blanket in the grove has some creche fallout - bringing up the everpresent challenge of respecting tradition while also keeping things fresh. Kudos for thinking outside of the box in the first place.

In our blogs we do memes and we do rants and we do what I call 'slice of life'. We share theological musings and job/family/community frustrations and joys. Every once in awhile someone posts a window that looks into their soul.
We all have those moments that define who we are - for good or for bad. When we open ourselves up - when we tell an intimate story - we are offering a window into who we are. Cheesehead in paradise shares such a soul story.

Christen blogs about the next movement in the fertility dance and the finding of the creche!

Hey Jules wants to write.

Gord posts the answers to the Christmas carol quiz.

Leslee at fresh cut flowers posts about preschool love.

Girl took a tumble and has the bruise to prove it!

Welcome Hit the Back Button to Move Forward. Being a part of our webring WOULD be the best thing to happen to him for awhile except that he just got engaged. Congrats!

According to jo(e)t is time to dance. She wears it well, but I gotta tell you if I were wearing that outfit it would be time to laugh.

Looking Back... Looking Forward is another new blog for me and he is doing some new things. I have the hardest time explaining postmodernism to my older congregants, let alone leading them in that direction.

James at Love During Wartime takes the Holiday vs. Christmas argument out for a spin.

Go say hello to mountain muse musings.

Susan Rose asks for our thoughts on penance, confession, reconciliation, etc...

Micah girl posts about the Jan Karon and the prayer that never fails.

If you want to laugh check outDoogie Howser, M.Div. AND Grace's First Annual Christmas Gift Suggestions .

Pink Shoes is neck-deep in controlled chaos.

Reverend Mother provides us with a "daily-ish" guide to what I would have missed if I'd gone into labor today.

Can anyone keep up with Lorna? I think she blogs on average three times a day. Discipline... or procrastination from her studies?

Sister Christer gives us a round-up of her week.

st. casserole is grateful.

The Ice Floe shares some Swedish Christmas memories.

Major congrats to Ann's brotherJohn.

Finally, Mary Beth asks us to please lift up Jordan's family and friends.

Well, folks I think that's it except for the at least five of you who I am guessing posted after I passed you on the list.

Have a good week!


  1. Thanks for the link! Hope you also saw "Farewell, Mrs. Ell", which appears two entries down.

  2. Wow!! What a round up!

    And I'm not procrastinating from my studies. Not really! Well yes a bit (blush) but I've learnt (and forgotten!) a lot of Swedish this week. Exam tomorrow night. The NT theology -loads of it next week- still time for blogging though. I've just stopped kitchen duties and delegated them to teenage son who's doing a fab job!

    I went to a great Eucharist service this evening by the way. It was so peaceful and full of God! Tomorrow I'll post a photo of the amazing altar cloth there. I took loads of pics -but you'll have to wait a while - each of them is worth a post in their own right.

    blessings and love and thanks for all the hard work!

  3. Heh. Thanks for the link. Glad you enjoyed it.:)


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