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Monday, January 23, 2006

Rounding, rounding, rounding ....

Welcome! I hope that your Mondays were, if nothing else, blog-worthy.

Here's a sampling of what's 'round the 'ring....

Katherine has some thoughts about "contemporary Christian music" and a review of Derek Webb

Brother Terry shares some pirated poetry with the rest of us. Does that make us phantom pirates?

Monday Night Thoughtball returns to Faith or Fiction.

Thanks to Gord for the reminder that it's Literacy Week. (Funny that they didn't mention that at the library when I was there this afternoon....)

Gallycat would like prayers for entering the real estate market. And Steph would like prayers as she's being observed by her principal tomorrow.

GirlGoneGreat does an iPod meme.

Kathryn blogs about space, and I for one want to know the alarm story.

Jane Ellen lifts up a friend and ponders questions about evangelism and Christianity.

Ok, Preacher Mom, James, Rachel and Rainbow Pastor -- GET BETTER!! Our thoughts and prayers and virtual soup and hugs are with you.

Jen goes 10 miles for a NY Times and so much more.

We have a lead foot among us, at least one who got caught... Ahem, I guess that's Sister Lead Foot.

Welcome to the Mondays Off Club, Philosophy over Coffee.

Juniper68 a football fan? Maybe ....

Reverend Mommy is thinking ...

St. Casserole is giving us warning about her upcoming blog-break.

And, Singing Owl remembers some people who have influenced her.

As always, please let us know in the comments if I've missed your blog.

Cheers and good tidings,
Pink Shoes


  1. And I started "tootin my horn" again... check it out! Would love to hear from y'all.

  2. (grin)
    you missed me

    I've been back at seminary in Tallinn and now home. Lots going on, but right now I'm off to bed - exhausted but very satisfied with what God's doing IN my life (and not just academically)



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