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Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday's Random Round-Up

Monday Round-Up to follow ...
Series of events (including shots for Baby Boy at 9 month appointment) today and a meeting tonight (because it's my Sabbath....) indicates that the round-up will be done later....
If you'd like, round-up among the comments... I'll peruse yet tonight.


The Randomly selected are...

Check out the amazing image at Possible Water. It might be too strong to say that I was mesmerized, but it's quite lovely.

There's this new thing going around... The Johari Window... I first saw it at RevDrMom's place (also at Songbird's, PPB and Cheesehead).

Kathryn recounts Venice and I left her site lamenting, "I wanna go..."

Apostle John couldn't sleep, so he did the 5 Meme.

Wendy shares her thought that more people should be speaking out (Note: She updated between the time that I read her blog and went back to get the URL for the Round-Up... She's become a window-seat woman...)

Hazelnut Reflections blogs about a Beanie Baby sermon -- check out the comments on that post for more information...

NotShyChiRev shares the Candy Heart Identity.

Leslee blogs about personalities.

And, as we're reading about Sunday Snow Days from Will Smama and What is Your Only Comfort, know that those of you impacted by this weekend's storm are in the thoughts and prayers of all -- blessings as you shovel out.

Pink Shoes


  1. Over at my place you can read my thoughts on yesterday's Gospel lesson...or you can, like, talk epic snowboarder, dude...or you can read the latest episode in Adventures in Healthcare.

  2. At my place you can read about cold weather in the deep south and bird droppings at church.

  3. I'm back after my self-imposed restriction from blogs and blogging until I caught up on my commitments. If you have a love/hate relationship with writing then you'll know where I'm coming from over at my place tonight.

  4. I don't think this has made the rounds on the RevGal ring yet (my apologies if I missed it) ... but I've got a post spreading the word about efforts underway to help a 5-year-old kid who's in dire need of a liver transplant and whose insurance has already run out for the year.


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