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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday Reading Notes

This will be an early morning review of recent blog postings on the ring. I'll morph into Mother of the Bride Mode around noon when Portia and her fiance plus Babs arrive for a quick weekend visit from Austin to attend a family baptism tomorrow at Tall Steeple Church in the Woods. Of course, we'll try to tend to a few wedding issues while they're here.

There were lots of players for Songbird's Friday Five (check the comments on her post below for all the players). The subject was goodbyes, and coincidentally brother terry blogged about saying goodbye to his employer as he prepares to enter ministry on a full-time basis. A difficult colleague is troubling Girl Gone Great at work. Susan Rose is counting down the days to her transition with the Groovy Sisters while Natty astonished herself. And Chaplain Mom has just made a big decision about her professional future.

Singing Owl
discusses the connection between weather and spiritual well-being, but Rev Dr. Mom just wants some snow. Poor Mad Peter finds similarities between the traditional cultures of the Ojibway and the Irish through the gift of an Irish poetry book. Friday is poetry day at jo(e)'s, so log on for yesterday's offering--slam poetry. Lutheran Chik is joining in with her own Friday Poetry blogging. James has great posts on Care of the Clergy and Labyrinth (what a prolific guy he was today!). Adventures in dentistry occupied Hey Jules.

All Things Computer Department: Reverendmother has random thoughts before the computer's battery dies. Join Peripatetic Polar Bear for Fun and Fear with the Site Meter and keep an eye on Friday Mom's place where changes are afoot.

A friend and colleague of Cheesehead's suffered a horrific carjacking at church, keep her in your prayers. Bad Alice celebrates Firecracker's birthday and the progress she has made over the last few years. Nehemiah is occupying the Bible in 90 Days Bloggers. Dylan wants Bono to adopt a new cause. The weekly Pop Culture Roundup is posted over at Philosophy Over Coffee.

RevGal Knitting Olympians: in addition to Songbird (see post below) you can add Emily and Jane Ellen to this group taking the challenge. Anyone else? ~singing the Olympic song~ Casting on for the gold!

BlogThing Roundup: The 5 things lengthy meme is really making the rounds as RGBP's tag each other. This one I saw last at Rainbow Pastor's. The 25 Weird Things meme was spotted at Shield the Joyous. Leslee is running a caption contest--and what a cute picture! The Politics Test was up at Yodabeth's. St. Cassarole played How's Your Inner Child?

Procrastinator of the Week award goes to...Following Frodo where I spotted both What Instrument Matches Your Personality? and the Muppet Personality Test. And who is Miss Piggy? So glad you asked. So far it's PPB, jo(e) and me. But of course!

If I missed noting something new with you, please note it in the comments. Enjoy your weekend!

UPDATE: I just came across an important post that I missed last night. PPB is helping organize a virtual cassarole drive for a very special little girl and her family whose insurance limits have been exceeded while medical expenses continue to accrue.


  1. and hope the mother of the bride had a good day :)

    be blessed! Great round up!

  2. I have finished my devotionals!!! I realize I should not admit that because now all will know how late I was but the thrill of victory is far larger than the embarrassment (and believe me the embarrassment is pretty big).

  3. Also in the computer department, I need the advice of someone with HTML knowledge. Dylan?

  4. There is a happy dance going on over at my place -



    (giant happy grin!)

  5. congrats Sophia may God continue to lead your steps :)

    and congrats to wills mama too. You did great girl :)

  6. Hurray for Sophia! Many blessings to you.

  7. I am looking for a virtual fitness buddy. Anybody else out there working on a fitness/weight loss regimen?


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