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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cheesehead's "Please Lean On Each Other, Y'all" edition of Lectionary Leanings

I am getting ready to travel to our denomination's General Assembly. I have a guest preacher lined up. Can you guess how much interest I have in the lectionary texts this week?

Please talk amongst yourselves...


  1. Okay, I will talk to myself.

    I have been hearing the word "testimony" running around this week. It is a good word and one that, strangely, I have not heard or noticed much until recently. And when I have heard it mentioned, it is always "Hey, why don't we give testimonies in church anymore?"

    So, I am thinking that my sermon this Sunday will be a testimony...a testimony of my own salvation.

    Anyone else up for this?

  2. Father's Day here and two weddings on Saturday. For Sunday I am going to attempt to name all the male members of the church and the men who are in church in the context of "Men of Faith". I did something similar for the women 3 years ago on Mother's Day.

  3. TWO weddings? You need a nap.

    The weather forcast is for hot and humid weather. Our church does not have a.c., so we are relocating to the basement to have coffee, juice and donuts. It will be a small crowd--many folks out of town. So we will sit around tables, muching and listeing and sharing together in a very informal way.

    My sermon is about passing on a blessing to the next generation.

    As for the blog, I'm just posting Spring pictures of flowers. Deep theological stuff--not.

  4. I'm so glad I checked out this entry, y'all...I almost forgot that I committed to making 200 handouts - forest green ribbon crosses with doublesided tape on the back. As we did with Mother's Day (used carnations), everyone is getting a handout to wear because everyone has/had a father. The challenge is to remember our responsibility to support and uphold the ministry of fathers as well as the men of the church in their ministry within the body.

    Yikes! When am I going to get these done?? EEEK!

    I confess to not having read the Lectionary for this week, because my pastor isn't preaching Lectionary at this time. I'm chafing a little because every secular calendar holiday that comes along is getting a lot of "press" in our services. I agree that we shouldn't ignore them, but I don't think everything should center around the secular holiday, either. I'm NOT looking forward to July 2.

    And your flowers are lovely, Singing Owl. If you need the profoundly theological, you can (not) find it at my blog, where I linked to Ben Witherington's Internet Age Ten Commandments. :D

  5. My son is being baptized this weekend and I'm preaching about the small and teeny being powerful...who is more powerful than a baby? Also, like a mustard plant, who is small but has a pungent odor?? So we'll see where it goes. NO idea if I will fit in father's day at all, but I guess I will be ignoring it at my own peril, as my preaching prof used to day. Take care y'all.


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