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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Round-up From N-Z

Wow! Life is surely busy these days. Daughter #2 is rock-climbing somewhere over the Potomac River this week and I'm trying to tie up loose ends before John and I head off to our Annual Conference tomorrow. Also trying to make sure John has what he needs to start packing for a mission trip to Mexico on Monday. Phew!

On to the Round-up:

From the Road-Tripping File: NotShyChiRev sends greetings from Birmingham. pearlbear is on her way east via Salt Lake City. (Welcome, pb!) OTR is blogging from Ireland, while zinnhead and swandive are reporting in from the Episcopal General Convention. Future road-tripping for Stumbling Toward Divinity who's off to San Antonio for the ELCA Youth Gathering the first weeks of July.

For Vicar of Dibley Fans: Ruth has the COMPLETE set of the Vicar of Dibley on DVD. I'm jealous! And Rev Em recommends "Beneath the Cassock: The Real Life Vicar of Dibley" by Joy Caroll, the inspiration behind our favorite series.

Quizzes: There's a bunch of quizzes showing up this week. Possible Water asks "What Musical are You?" Sister Christer invites us to find out "Which Shakespeare Play Are You?" And guess which Princess Bride Character will smama is? Hint: She'll be mah-vel-ous!

Theology to Ponder: Mike is thinking about the Sacred Feminine and not in a gnostic sort of way. Christine over at the Sacred Art of Living is blogging about "Contemplative Living (T. Merton) as Justice-Making." Good stuff!

Welcome: And speaking of Christine and Pearlbear - Welcome! Also, Hellos!, Howareyas? and "Gladyerheres" to Rachel From the Same Sky who shares a poignant blog about a family member with Alzheimers. Prayers for you, love! Praying on the Prairie and her Perkins fix. And the Psalmist who shares with us her pet grammar peeves. Are you sure we're not related? Daughter #2 is forever correcting our grammar. We tell her she is doing good!

This and That: Scott over at Nachfolge invites us to west central Minnesota to watch the Prairie Wind Players. PamBG gives us "10 Commandments for the Internet Age" and is looking forward to the new BBC reality series "The Convent." Scog Blog wants to write ... but not a 2000 word essay on St. Benedict. Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Philosophy Over Coffee. Caroline has a wonderful Father's Day tribute to her earthly and Heavenly fathers.

Chaplain Lydia posts her Sunday sermon. Rebel Without a Pew asks, "Now that you are an adult What's your favorite Bible story?" Quotidian Grace (who missed her calling as a country-and- western songwriter) offers us "Giant Rabbit Fu-Fu, Part 2" and asks for our prayers for the PCUSA General Assembly. You got it! Reverend Mommy blogs about her experiences in CPE Land. Reverend Mother is pleased to report a tooth for Miss M! Songbird can't find her birth certificate because she put it away in a "safe" place. Being Shielded has a really cool 5-in-Various-Places Meme. Lorna is volunteering at a work camp and talks about Bookcrossing (Booksharing). Good read!

Stacey is recovering from her best friend's wedding (Didn't they make that into a movie?) Rachel at The Big Dunk confesses that she likes confession. PeripateticPolarBear is having a heckuva bad day. Pastor Amy shares a joyous baptism in the river. Check out the petunias and posies at Singing Owl's place. Natty is doing a bit of fund-raising to add to her "Get Me to the Convent" Fund. Ever thought of setting up a PayPal on your blog, Natty? And Yoda Beth says the job is going well, considering she's been left to her own devices. Good deal!

Help, please: Sister Steph is till looking for assistance and Pink Shoes wants recommendations for expansion of her musical repertoire.

Prayers: We're sending up prayers for Scog Blog who will be doing her denominational candidate interviews on Saturday. Mibi asks for prayers for her daughter undergoing outpatient surgery today. To Chickpastor - condolences on the death of her grandfather and praises to God on the baptism of her son. Carol is less than ten weeks away from delivering her baby son. We pray for God's comfort for Mary Beth and her husband on the unexpected passing of a dear family friend. And, with Willow and QG, we all offer our prayers on behalf of the Episcopal General Convention, the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Until next week ... adios. Please leave a comment if you wish.


  1. Hipastor2b is at GA in B'ham too. So, Flash and I are taking care of each other. Say hello if you see him...he's "following the trinity".

  2. I used to rock-climb in great falls too, before I had my gallbladder out and gained 50 pounds. That will be another post to come, methinks... I'm on the g side of the alphabet, so I hope I make that roundup--because I just saw something at a job website that I could sure use some guidance on, particularly from the UMC folks.

  3. It is great to be on the blog with everyone here. I have been somewhat mystified by the RoundUp however. Do we individually "report" in, and if so to whom, and what do you want to know? you just check up on us on our blog and create your own opinion about "whasup"?

    This tentmaker needs to know! :-)

    blogging thru all the GC chaff,



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