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Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday A-L

Welcome to Valentine Spirit who is pondering the idea of blogging as spiritual practice. Head on over to share your experiences.

Katherine shares some things she's been liking lately... Abiding does so in joy and dancing... really lovely. Anna explores being visual.

Everytime I read Peter, I find something poignant and well-written. Scroll through and there are some great pictures, too. Beth shares some thoughts from the assembly.

Mindy's son is home and has her asking an interesting question ... one I'm not qualified to answer! JWD has an HBO recommendation. Carolyn has had a rare morning off -- aren't those fabulous?

Canticles has been handed some lemons -- rats! Sally's hair should be orange... taken in combination with the post on the 12th... hmmmm...

Cute picture alert. New blog template, which I have to say is adorable and fabulous, over at Girl's place. Well done!!

It's summer time at Leslee's... mmmm... summertime. Contemplative Chaplain is on vacation, and if Coon Hollar accepts reservations... i'll be the first in line!

Kathryn has been busy! Net is tired -- and I can't say I blame her. Kirstin does a quick check in. Hope you feel settled soon! Nothing like moving chaos into order... these pictures even inspired me...!

Jean is finally reading it... It's ok, I, um, haven't yet. I have, however, stopped by Jo(e)'s blog... If you haven't stopped by Jo(e), well, you just don't know what you're missing!

Emily and Lutheranchik share their thoughts on the Trinity. Help Kim turn an experience into a sermon. Jan wants to hear from the men... That would be you, o Pals of the RevGals...

Jane Ellen brings prayers for those whose church bodies face divisive decisions this week. May God be with you all.

If I've missed you, as always, please let us know in the comments. I did this round-up in two parts and in between had a margarita with a friend! Cheers, dear ones, cheers!

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