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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do Over (A thru M)

Somewhere in cyberspace there is the beginning to this round-up. I shall not cry. I shall not pout. I shall not make all of you suffer with yet another excuse of why there is no Wednesday round-up.... but Mr. Blogger... I am watching you.

Jan is learning some valuable lessons from the extra men under her roof.
Barefoot and Laughing in Possible Water's House!
Will someone please go over and answer Mindy's questions.
Brother Terry is gardening... and not just for veggies.
Cheesehead is taking the road of communication - good call imho.
Of Meat and Men by Tripp.
Kathryn is learning how to handle conflict.
Hipchickmamma goes to mondo conference and fights off the urge to rebel.
Gavin invites us into some conversations.
Carmen introduces the Superman as Savior discussion to the webring.
Kinesis is back from Mexico.
Some quotes from micah girl.
A book review from musings.
Miranda gives us everything from the Princess Bride to poetry to the cat and the bear.

Quiet! It will have to be a quiet raid on the inarticulate as she has a bit of a err, headache.
You must read about Blanket in the Grove's new print.
Chaplain Mom just got busy with Nancy Reagan... you heard me.
Spiritmists needs some artistic guidance.
Cats is back.
James has found his inner European.
Hazlenut reports in.
Of books and cute quotes that can only be found in real life.
Got logic?
I Will Sing has got five things.
Jo(e) has got a video on her site... no worries though - all clothes are on.
Kim has got more than one thing going bump in the night.
Is she brash,dramatic and outspoken or loud, brash and dramatic? Either way she is Episcopalian and hanging out at the General Convention. Jean also has the Episcopalian Church on her mind.
Minnesota preacher woman has two father's day cards.
Susan Rose needs some dream analysis.

Poor Mad Peter
Any Day a Beautiful Change
And a retro memory trend.
Here too.

Against a Brick Wall.
The humaness of our churches.
Eternal Echoes' leadership team.
Our tortured environment.
Thanks God, Net needed that.
Amy and the Ethiopian Team.
Wendy and family as they enter another part of the journey.

G'Nite.... and as always please feel free to comment.


  1. Blogger has been giving me fits the last week or so, too. Maddening, isn't it?

  2. Glad it's not just me. I get "uploading your blog," for ten minutes, and then Firefox times out, and I have to start all over.

    And I was only getting the top part of LC's blig earlier today (her profile and title...).

    But I persevered!

    I'm not in the A-M, but here's a note anyway.

    I blogged on my upcoming sermon series. I'm still looking for a series title, by the way! Now taking entries...if your title is selected, you win undying fame in my blog! Well, maybe not undying, but for a few days, anyway.


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