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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sunday Prayer

For our Sunday Prayer this week, I have taken an excerpt of the newly approved "Song of Faith" of the United Church of Canada (Copyright 2006). I will be sharing the full document on my blog soon. "A Song of Faith" does not replace "A New Creed" - rather it expands A New Creed both poetically and theologically. It is not strict doctrine for the UCCan, but rather stands as authentically as possible as our shared Song of Faith for this time in history.

...We sing of God the Spirit,
faithful and untameable,
who is creatively and redemptively active in the world.

The Spirit challenges us to celebrate the holy
not only in what is familiar,
but also in that which seems foreign.

We sing of the Spirit,
who speaks our prayers of deepest longing
and enfolds our concerns and confessions,
transforming us and the world.

We offer worship
as an outpouring of gratitude and awe
and a practice of opening ourselves
to God's still, small voice of comfort,
to God's rushing whirlwind of challenge.

Through word, music, art, and sacrament,
in community, and in solitude,
God changes our lives, our relationships, our world.
We sing with trust...


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  1. A. Lin have not see the article, will check it alater.

    Thank you for this "Song of Faith"
    May the Spirit will be with us all who worship God today!

  2. I love the "Song of Faith" - so I went to look at the whole thing - wow! that's LONG! Hee hee - now I have something to show those who say WE'RE the "church of many words." But such beautiful language- I'll have to read it again, in small doses, for my brain is trained to a toddler's attention span these days :). -RevP

  3. A. Linn thanks also, I read it when I got home. It says what I have been saying for some times.

    I am going to send it on to the Clergywomen's listserve.

  4. this is great! thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi I have just read the article. In NSW out of 330 churches there are only 4 female senior or sole pastors and they all lead fringe or alternate churches.
    There isn't any that lead churches that are just your average ordinary Baptist church. Give it time, hopefully


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Sorry for the delete, I noticed errors. Tales of a new blogger!
    I'll try again....

    The church I am with in Sudbury did work on the New Statement of Faith. Churches were asked to respond and go through the old documents and send in our comments. It was a truly enlightening way get into what really we need to say about our faith and beliefs, for our time.

    I read the new one and it is an open and heart-felt song. Someone said there was no accountability, but from my reading if we really do act on our faith in love, the accountability is already there .. built in. See for yourself.

    Thanks for bringing it to everyone.

    Free Flying Spirit


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