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Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Mission Moment

Today's Mission Moment comes from Jan at A Church for Starving Artists. In September the Monday Mission Moment will become the Monthly Mission Moment and will be posted the third Monday of every month. You can still send your suggestions for mission posts by clicking the Mission Moment button on the sidebar.

Several years ago, a church member who had recently served dinner at a local shelter commented "Wouldn't it be great to teach the residents of that shelter job skills so they could sustain themselves in a home with a job, etc." The whole "teach a person to fish" idea.

She was a computer science major who drew up a plan to open a computer lab in our church building for low income residents. The elders voted to give her a chunk of money (the first miracle) and several rooms. She quit her regular job and now -- five years later -- we have an award-winning mission that involves:
- adult students invited via the reduced-lunch list in schools (they are parents of reduced-lunch kids in local public schools)
- 6 months of computer and employment skills and mentoring for $100 staffed by over 60 volunteers
- presentation of computers six weeks into the program to take home and keep, (which means that their children now have computers for homework, etc.)
- graduation at the end of the course in what has become the most inspiring event in the life of our congregation. Better than Easter. More inspiring than ordination.

Students come from many countries and arrive with no skills but leave with jobs, dental benefits, etc. It is awesome. Check it out at:


  1. Such a neat idea - and not only that - a skill that folks can use ON the job and at home.

  2. Brilliant and inspiring, thanks for sharing this Jan.
    We run an afterschool homework club which gives children access to both computers and teachers- wonder if we could extend this to the parents- you've got me thinking!


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